When Are You Opening?

Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center

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Friday, 04 October 2013 13:39

When Are You Opening?

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This is a question you hear very often this time of year. Just take a look at the facebook page and the posts from excited guests. This year we have been receiving the question much earlier; maybe this is because of the snowstorm on Halloween. We had over 12 inches of snowfall, which got everybody excited for the season.

The snow quickly melted a few days later but guests were still excited for season and asking about opening day. Since we rely completely on snowmaking (snowmaking.jpg), we cannot predict an opening day this far in advance. It all depends on Mother Nature. But, I can ensure you that I want Bear Creek open just as much as you. Snowmaking has a lot of variables; it is not just temperature, but also humidity. Snowmakers use the wet bulb temperature when making snow.

You can check out the ideal wet bulb temperatures on the Wet Bulb chart below. 

As soon as we have at least one week of ideal temperatures in the long range forecast we can begin to make snow. With these temperatures, we could open the mountain 100% with a solid week of snowmaking. So let’s hope for colder temperatures and Think Snow!

When Are You Opening?

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