Safety Weekend Is 1-21-22

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Friday, 04 October 2013 13:45

Safety Weekend Is 1-21-22

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Bring on Safety Weekend!  I just read the scariest article in Ski Magazine, not only is La Nina bringing us unseasonably warm weather and very little snow, but she may also be responsible for other human winter ailments.  Note that the article also mentions that even Vail does not have snow this season, a small comfort when I know that if only it would get cold then the Bear Creek snowmakers could work their magic... I digress... the Ski Magazine article while not about Safety Weekend per say, it does have a scary take on the crummy winter weather.  La Nina could also be causing pandemic flu epidemics....see why this is scary!  Who knew that lack of cold weather causes "colds."  Wasn't it our mom’s that told us to bundle up or we would get sick?  This gives a whole new perspective to a fresh healthy blast of cold winter air.  Okay, enough already… La Nina and Mother Nature bring on the cold, we are ready.

  1. flu prevention is not part of Jan 21-22 Safety Weekend at Bear Creek, it is a great opportunity to learn more about safety on the slopes.  As a ski mom that typically hits the mountain with a pack of kids it is important to understand the importance of the new mountain safety.  I have no idea how to hit a rail safely and the kids are always begging to go to the terrain parks. We do so with trepidation because they are so little and there are just so many big kids out there. Safety Weekend will have several free clinicsthis weekend designed to educate guests about terrain park safety in the family terrain park. The terrain park guys will be out on the snow showing you what you need to know to hit the rails safely and how to get started with beginner jumps.  

One way Safety Weekend has changed my skiing habits forever is the retirement of my cool green hat; I now only wear a helmet when I am on the slopes and I don't think I would feel comfortable not wearing it.  It has become as much a part of my ski gear as my boots.  Have doubts you can find a helmet that comfortable and warm? If you answered yes, then stop by the Helmet Fitting Booth this weekend and let the staff of Slopeside Sports help you.  They can take measurements, make recommendations and even help you try helmets on.  Look for me on Saturday at the Helmet Decorating Fashion show, noon in the plaza, 'cause at Bear safety is fashionable!


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