As The Cheese Rolls...

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Friday, 04 October 2013 14:02

As The Cheese Rolls...

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ATTENTION ALL CHEESE LOVERS!! Well, more like cheese enthusiasts. Coming, August 19 during our Cheese, Garlic & Summer Mountain Festival, the rolling of the cheese will take place at Bear Creek for a second year. You might be asking what is a cheese rolling? Lucky for you, I have an answer. Atop a hill, the cheese keeper will toss a wheel of cheese towards the bottom and competitors will race after it. The first competitor to catch the cheese and cross the finish line at the end of the hill will win the cheese. The rolling takes place on the bank above the big pond and WILL end in a splash. Unless you can be the lucky person who catches the cheese and doesn’t end up in the pond!

cheese, garlic & summer mountain festival

You also might be wondering, why on earth would I want to do something like this? Well, my only response to you is that it’s super cool. Check out a short video from last year’s rolling.  The cheese rolling is the second video, remember that this was from last year’s event and that this year’s rolling is planned for August 19.

Cheese Rolling

Still interested?Anyone who is 18 or older may participate. To race, you must purchase a ticket to the Cheese, Garlic & Summer Mountain Festival. They are only $8 per person. All contestants will have to sign a liability release. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event at the resort or online at

Cheese Winner

Now that I’ve talked you into it. Let me fill you in on the history of the cheese rolling. No, we didn’t invent the event. Cheese rolling has actually has been taking place for several years in Europe. (Leave it to the Europeans to come up with all of the fun activities: Cheese Rolling, Tough Guy etc.) The cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill takes place each year in June. This year they celebrated the Diamond Jubilee Cheese Rolling in honor of the Queen.  Check out their website, linked above. There are several video links and lots of info. Their event is pretty cool.

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