Having Fun and Staying Fit During your Mountain Vacation

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Monday, 14 July 2014 00:00

Having Fun and Staying Fit During your Mountain Vacation Featured

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Check out this great blog entry from a local contributor Susie Rankin.

A vacation to a popular mountain resort sounds like a dream. Relaxation, fantastic food, spectacular views and the odd bit of skiing thrown in – what more could you want from a vacation? Well, as more than one third of the adult American population is now classed as obese, the likelihood is you want to avoid gaining too much weight whilst relaxing on your well earned break from everyday life. Luckily, a mountain resort is the perfect place for the whole family to relax, have fun, eat well and stay fit. A vacation in a mountain resort could even kick start a new healthy eating and exercise regime if you wanted it to because of the range of physical indoor and outdoor activities available.  This article will outline some of the key ways a mountain based vacation can improve fitness, whilst advising on the best ways to avoid the seemingly inevitable vacationers weight gain.

Think Food – and Make Healthy Choices

OK, so when you are on vacation it is easy to eat all the delicious foods you usually go to lengths to avoid – and why shouldn’t you? You are entitled to a treat, right? Whilst this is definitely true, eating the treat foods needs to be balanced with healthy foods, too for the benefit of your overall health. Gaining weight too quickly can be as damaging to the human body as losing it suddenly and care needs to be taken to avoid either extreme. Luckily, a good mountain resort will have a range of eating options available for you with a myriad of healthy foods to enjoy. A good menu will offer different choices of meat and restaurants should also accommodate alternative cooking methods – if you prefer to have your steak grilled simply ask the waiter. It can be a good idea to ask for salad dressings on the side of dishes and try to steer clear of fattening cream based sauces. Likewise, just because a menu offers several courses, it doesn’t follow that each course must be devoured with reckless abandon.  The chances are you will feel full after a good starter so, at the very least, give yourself breathing space in between each course.

Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors

A mountain resort can be the perfect place for those who love nature, simply because of the sheer number of outdoor activities available. The season during which you visit will largely dictate the types of calorie burning activities you can enjoy but rest assured, if you have eaten a five course meal the night previously, you will probably be itching to try every activity available. At Bear Creek Mountain resort, summer, spring and fall visitors are able to go hiking among the spectacular scenery of the mountains, biking on local trails, try their hand at disc golf and play tennis everyday – all activities which can conceivably burn hundreds of calories a session. In the winter months, the resort offers skiing, snow-tubing and snowboarding – all activities which burn vast amounts of calories and prove a huge boost to fitness. Although the amount of calories burned varies according to individual weight and activity levels, as a general rule, ski-ing or snow boarding can burn up to 3000 calories per six hour session.  Obviously, this means happy vacationers can enjoy the dessert cart in the restaurant without feeling guilty.

Take Time Out to Rest Those Muscles

Of course, your vacation should, above all, be as relaxing as possible. There is no better way to unwind than by treating yourself to a day spa and perhaps a massage. In fact, relaxation is as much an essential ingredient in boosting fitness levels as cardiovascular exercise is. Muscles need time to repair themselves and failure to rest adequately can lead to joint and muscle damage. It is therefore vital that after a day of hiking, skiing or any other physical activity, visitors take time to sit back and enjoy the scenery. In fact, most good workout programs will incorporate steady rest periods so as to give the body time to rejuvenate fully.  Whatever your preferred activity whilst on a mountain based vacation, be sure to take full advantage of every facility offered – be it a calorie busting day on the slopes or a luscious massage. It’s your vacation and you deserve to have fun and stay fit.

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