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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 00:00

October Arrives!

Written by

Well…October is officially here at Bear Creek. The summer is over and the leaves are just beginning to show us signs that winter is on the way. October has always been a transitional MHS 2945month.   It is a time where we can still enjoy some of the benefits of summer, like warm days, but also enjoy the cooler evening air. It is definitely the month that offers some of the most beautiful sights at the resort. October has become a highly sought after month for weddings and corporate events, and leisure guests. The mountain scenery begins so show a great deal of character, and guests want to be a part of the beauty. In addition, the ambiance of our resort lends itself perfectly towards the fall season. Many guests enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in front of one of our fireplaces. Others, stop by The Grille for a pumpkin flavored beer along with an excellent dinner. There are a number of ways to enjoy the fall season at Bear Creek, all of which will offer a unique experience.

                If you have not had the chance to see Bear Creek during the fall season, try visiting us for Harvest Wine Festival on October 23rd. This event has been a highlight of our events calendar and features over 20 wineries. In addition, the event will feature craft vendors, food vendors, and live jazz music. All of this will create the perfect fall Sunday at the resort.   Also, we have half-priced sushi continuing through the month of October in The Grille. If you haven’t tried it, you must!   Skiers and boarders, don’t forget to buy your season pass early. Early-bird pricing expires on October 31st.

                Make sure you take some time to enjoy all of the great sights that the month of October offers. Enjoy the cool evenings, warm days, fall foliage, serious baseball, trick or treating, and everything else that makes it a great month. We hope you share some of it with us.

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager- Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 00:00

On the Doorstep of Fall

Written by

With the welcoming of September, we welcome back some familiar things. This is the very beginning of the fall season. The days begin to shorten, and the weather begins to provide a little more comfort from the late-summer heat. Also, during my youth, this would be the time I had my first thoughts of the winter season. Usually it took a night or two below 50 degrees to move my mind from baseball, beaches, and amusement parks to the thoughts of hitting the slopes. This is also the month where we welcome in a new school year, start a new football season, and enjoy a DSC00047 Website Sizedslew of outdoor festivals.

At Bear Creek, September is a very busy month. Brides and grooms will fill our outstanding property for perfect fall weddings. Skiers and snowboarders will get the first glimpse of the winter of 2016/2017 with season passes going on sale and the Winter Brochure release. Festival goers will begin the Oktoberfest season on September 18th, with free admission this year. And best of all, is that the month of September still offers some of the best aspects of summer. Music Under the Stars is back for 3 more weeks, concluding on September 15th.   Furthermore, we will continue to have live jazz music on Sunday nights with great dinner specials. All of this creates a very exciting start to the fall season and a fitting farewell to what was a great summer at Bear Creek.

We hope to enjoy this new beginning with everyone, take some time and enjoy all the month has to offer. We wish you all a happy September!


Jeff Zellner- Public Relations Manager at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.



Thursday, 04 August 2016 00:00

Stop The Summer Slow Down!

Written by

Blue collar or white collar, everyone is subject to the summer slow down. Sometimes when your trying to beat the heat, the heat wins. Many times the office can seem like a ghost town and Image 1721 002productivity dips to its annual low point. So what is the magic bullet to pick up your game? How do you stay in tune or even rise above the dog days of summer? It is easy to get into a routine of leaving early to mow the grass, or to get the grill fired up for dinner, and who doesn't want to kick back with a cold drink on a hot afternoon? An old adage goes, "if you can't beat em' join em". As with all things in life, a little moderation goes a long way. If your company allows you some summer flexibility, don't be afraid to use it. Take your vacation time! You don't have to look far to find a number of studies that indicate that productivity levels go up when you take advantage of some downtime. Your family will appreciate your presence and you will finally get to clear your mind. The beautiful Pennsylvania scenery awaits your free time. Take some time to go for a hike. Enjoy someone else cooking for you this time, and go find some great outdoor dining. Take a Monday off work and do an overnight stay so you can relax by the pool or book yourself a service in the spa. You work hard, but don't forget who you are under that efficient machine you call an employee. Indulge yourself, but don't become a lazy glutton either, remember moderation. Vacations are great, but spread it out. Saving all your relaxation, recreation, dining out and partying one week a year is a quick way to burn out. We are in a great part of the country where we have the benefit of four distinct seasons. Pick a getaway in each of the seasons. It does't have to be a long vacation, but if you can, make the best of it. Spring is a great time to take on a new sport like mountain biking or disc golf. Summer is clearly the best weather for a dip in the pool, kayaking, paddle boarding or a walk in a stream. Autumn is great for a hike in the changing leaves and the winter is your time for a ski and stay getaway. These things might not be your preference, but the point is that there are plenty of options and reasons to get out and enjoy yourself. Don't be a victim of work place burnout and the summer slow down, Get out and live a little!

Wednesday, 06 July 2016 00:00

Vacation Time?

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We are officially into the summer season at Bear Creek. July has always been my favorite month of the year.   It is the month I most associate with family trips and vacations.   Over the years, my family has taken a number of vacations. We often took trips to the beach, for our family it was Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. The thing we liked the most about Point Pleasant was that our family could enjoy a full day of activities at the boardwalk then enjoy some great local restaurants and relax at night. The food never tasted so good and the air conditioning never felt so good than after a full day at the beach and the boardwalk.

                Bear Creek is very fortunate to be located nearby so many great activities. First and foremost is Dorney Park. Dorney Park is within twenty minutes of the resort. I was a long time season pass holder, and thanks to my girlfriend, a current season pass holder as well. After a 21 year hiatus from the park, I can attest that the park has really grown. It is an ideal spot for families of all ages. Dorney Park is just one of the great offerings that the Lehigh Valley provides for families and couples alike. If the park isn’t your style, try the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, or The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, or one of the area’s many wineries. The area has so much to offer and keeps growing all the time.

                If you are looking for a great summer trip, consider visiting one of the areas attractions such as Dorney Park and coming back to Bear Creek to relax at The Spa or having an excellent dinner at The Grille. If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out our Stay and Scream Dorney Park package. If you live locally, you can still feel like you are on a vacation with Margarita Mondays, Music Under the Stars on Thursdays, or a visit to our Spa.

                No matter what activity you do during the day, I promise the food will taste great and the air conditioning will feel better than ever.

Jeff Zellner

Public Relations Manager at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Friday, 24 June 2016 00:00

The Lobster Days of Summer

Written by

lobster pic

Last week I went up to the Grille for our Thursday night Music Under the Stars. We do this every Thursday night during the summer months. The weather was a little off, with ominous clouds the whole time, but it stayed dry and turned out to be a fun night. It happened to also be a Chamber Mixer with both the Upper Perkiomen and the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. I had a couple of fantastic conversations and met some new contacts from both chambers. It is great to see the hard working members of our local business communities come out of the office and up to the resort to network with likeminded people. A good amount of the people attending the mixer stuck around for dinner and music on the deck, and a good time was had by all. This week is our annual Lobster Week and the Grille has been the best scene in the area for dinner. After tonight only two days are left of Lobster Week, but know need to worry, reservations are still available and even if you miss it, the Trail’s End is having Margarita Monday with Tex-Mex food by the pool. If dinner is your reason, then Bear Creek is in season! See you soon!

Jake Henschel

Monday, 09 May 2016 00:00

Outdoor Dining Season Begins!

Written by

MHS 4211crop

Everybody has something that they enjoy so much that they will sacrifice a good portion of their disposable income to experience it. For me, it’s going out to eat. I will travel long distances, cross state lines, and do endless research to find unique dining locations throughout our area. As this time of year approaches, I turn my attention to outdoor dining venues.  

As my girlfriend Shannon will attest, my criteria for going out to eat is very strict. I refuse to fall into the chain restaurant trap. I also refuse to take her to an outdoor dining experience that is no more than putting tables on a sidewalk or parking lot and providing subpar food that can be found anywhere. I can say emphatically that the outdoor dining at Bear Creek is unlike anything else in the region. Full dinner service on the deck is accompanied by great live, local music. The setting is relaxing and the food delivers as well.   Instead of sitting 10 feet from exhaust fumes and pedestrian traffic, you are in the middle of 330 acres of a beautiful resort that is tastefully lit. I can also say without hesitation, and much research, that you will not find another outdoor dining option that combines food quality and ambiance quite like this.

Beginning May 26th, Music Under the Stars returns to Bear Creek every Thursday through August 25th. This return brings back the area’s best outdoor dining and a great summer experience that I personally look forward to every year. Summer will fly by quickly, don’t miss your chance to experience the outdoor dining season!

Jeff Zellner

Public Relations Manager

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 00:00

Moms and Spring

Written by

Moms and Spring

SMC BearCreek ExteriorK 3715r 4x200

The season seems right for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Moms always represent what we like most about the Spring. The sun is warm and inviting like mom, the birds are singing like mom, the leaves are emerging and the grass is growing, making nature spring to life, like mom has a way of doing whenever we tell her about what we are doing, or where we are going. Although we rarely recognize our Mothers, she is most often the biggest influence in our lives. Bear Creek has so many great ways to treat your mom well, like she deserves. Our Mother’s Day Brunch is one of the area’s best, most likely whey it has sold out so fast, but that is not the only thing we offer for your deserving mom. Why not look into the Mother’s Day weekend getaway? This is the person, who raised you, supported you, criticized you, motivated you, taught you, scolded you and molded you. Check it out all of the Mother's Day Getaway details here. If your mom needs some relaxation, send her for a day at the Spa. You can purchase a gift card for whatever service mom would enjoy the most, actually, for those who can’t go with to Bear Creek, the gift card would have you covered for all the great options that Bear Creek can offer. Our gift cards can be used in The Grille for a sushi dinner, The Trails End Café for Margarita Monday’s, The Hotel on one of our great overnight packages, or even in our Mountain Shoppe for some BC apparel. However you decide to celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day, take some time to really think about who you are, take the bad stuff away and make sure you let Mom know that most of that good stuff you have, came from her.   

Happy Spring, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you,

Jake Henschel

Monday, 07 March 2016 00:00

The Perfect Place for Your Perfect Day!

Written by

The Perfect Place for Your Perfect DayBear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographers Creative Lehigh Valley Photography 1

The winter season is winding down and wedding season will soon be on its way. As we make our transition into the 2016 wedding season, many couples will start to look at venues and ceremony sites. The Lehigh Valley is a great place to start the adventure because it has much to offer. As a wedding assistant, I have gained great experience working for one of the best wedding facilities in the area. Bear Creek Mountain Resort is a wedding destination located in Macungie, PA that has everything you need for your special day.

I enjoy coming to work every day because of the resort’s architecture and views. It is truly a beautiful place to have a wedding. The resort is located on 300 acres which offers beautiful mountain views, rustic décor and an atmosphere of warmth and elegance. Besides the aesthetics, I also enjoy working with an outstanding banquet team and reputable coordinators that hold themselves to a high standard of service. It is very rewarding to give the bride and groom everything they want and need on their wedding day.

To make your day less stressful, Bear Creek offers a full service spa and salon with highly experience staff to help you before the big moment. Having an on-site hair and nail salon helps the day run smoothly and the staff is always there ready to help any last minute needs. I think one of our biggest assets here is that we have an on-site hotel for the convenience of your guests. Everyone can enjoy the night and keep the party going while only being a short walk away from your suite. The two restaurants at the resort provide wonderful dining for rehearsal dinners and morning breakfasts. One advantage to having a wedding at Bear Creek is that everyone, bridal party and guests, can relax and enjoy their time at the pool or spa before the ceremony and don’t have to worry about the hassle of traveling to ceremony sites and reception venues. This resort encompasses it all as a wedding destination and I honestly believe your wedding day runs smoothly when everything is within reach.

Yours Truly,

Arialle Hess

Sunday, 06 March 2016 00:00

Spring is in the Air

Written by

Although it has been a very abnormal winter, the spring season is always a time of refreshing. Breaking out the warm weather clothing and getting ready for the season of new beginnings is one of the better parts of life. The spring season brings back long anticipated events, like the annual Pond Skimming in the base area, happening on Sunday the 13th, or the always fun Spring Wine Festival, which is a 2 day festival that includes the best wines of Pennsylvania, food sampling and live jazz music on April 2-3. Spring is also a great time to celebrate with family. Our Easter and Mother’s Day Brunch Buffets are some of the best that you can find, and the spring scenery sure beats sitting on the couch at your Aunt and Uncles house watching PBS fundraisers. All this aside, Bear Creek still has great snow, the sun is out and a little warmer, but the snow is still cold, so catch it while you still can.

See you soon!


Thursday, 25 February 2016 00:00

Winter Made to Order...anything but this!

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I recently had a MTO sandwich discussion and it got me thinking about our recent winter woes. What if we could have it our way? What would our ideal winter look like? To me, the ideal winter would involve 8-12 small winter storms, each with snow totals under 12” (2 storms could have higher snow totals to build the base), but not below 3”. I am not delusional about what we have here, so it would be wrong to ask for so much snow that we can’t move. Although, if I was still in school, my ideal snow totals would likely go way up.

El Nino, would certainly have nothing to do with my dream winter, unless of course it was providing some serious jet stream interference to push us some snow. I enjoy the autumn, with all of the great festivals like Oktoberfest and Harvest Wine Fest, so I would want my ideal winter to start around mid-November. I also enjoy the spring and summer, as I am a native to the beautiful 4 seasons of Pennsylvania, so going too far into April would probably not work for my dream winter. Just thinking of my ideal winter has totally made my gloomy, rain soaked reality seem not so very bad. So if this winter has given you the blues, then maybe you should come to The Spring Wine Festival and try some Reds and Whites, or visit the Spa and relax in one of our treatment rooms, or do what I do, embrace your MTO winter thoughts.

Still ridin,


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