Season Pass Guarantee

Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center

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Season Pass Guarantee

By purchasing a Season Pass, you make a commitment to Bear Creek Mountain Resort. In return, we make a commitment to you with our Pass Guarantee. We all hope for a cold and snowy winter, but if the weather does not cooperate Bear Creek has you covered by guaranteeing a minimum 65 day season!

For every day that Bear Creek falls short of the 65 day guarantee, you will receive a 2% per day credit* toward your Season Pass purchase the following season. For example, if Bear Creek is open 50 days, 15 days less than the minimum guarantee, you will receive a credit of 15 days multiplied by 2% equaling a 30% credit toward the following season. The 2% per day credit will be capped at 50 days or 100%.

Passes that have not been picked up from Guest Services can be rolled over to the following season without fee or penalty, regardless of rate increase. In this circumstance, pass holder must contact Guest Services by April 1, 2017 to roll over the season pass.

If Bear Creek does not open for the season, pass holders have the option to either roll over the Season Pass to the following season without fee or penalty, regardless of rate increase, OR request a full refund that will be issued on April 15th.

*Credit amount is based on the cost paid for the 2016-2017 season pass. Credit will be available for Season Passes purchased at full price only (early bird or regular rate). No credit will be given for passes issued at no cost or at a discounted rate.


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