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Nail Treatments at the Spa

spa manicure friendsManicure

Nails are perfectly filed and shaped, followed by gentle exfoliation. Complete your manicure with a choice of nail color.

Shellac Manicure

Nails are filed to perfection and then polished with CND shellac polish that will give your new nails 14 days of wear.


This detailed pedicure includes cleansing, exfoliation, shaping, grooming and relaxing massage. Complete your pedicure with a choice of nail color.

Manicure/Pedicure Combination

Spa Manicure

Enjoy a relaxing treatment that leaves your hands and nails refreshed and beautiful with exfoliation, moisturizing paraffin treatment and tension-relieving massage. A choice of nail color completes the experience.

Spa Pedicure

Pamper your feet with this deluxe pedicure that includes gentle exfoliation, mask, stress-relieving massage and moisturizing paraffin treatment. Finish with your choice of nail color.

Spa Manicure/ Spa Pedicure Combination

spa pedicure2Spa Manicure

A professional manicures simply the art of good grooming. A Spa Manicure includes exfoliation, scrub, nail and cuticle care, relaxing hand massage and paraffin treatment, but does not include polish

Spa Pedicure

This sole-soothing treatment is designed to smooth tough calluses, boost circulation and reduce inflammation. Enjoy an invigorating foot massage and a soothing soak. This does not include polish.

Mens Pedicure

Additional Services & Add-ons Available

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