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Ski Racing

2018 Olympic Winter Games

Arialle Hess

Every few years, there comes a time when even the summer-seeking heat-freaks become avid winter enthusiasts. During this time, the excitement is contagious, and no one can escape the energizing atmosphere. On February 8th, everyone will have their attention turned to PyeongChang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

It’s hard to imagine the feeling of speeding down a mountain, catapulting off a jump into the air, or spinning around on just a single blade. Although many will never experience that exact moment, these winter sports are still enticing. Some say it’s a niche, but in just two weeks of broadcasted competition, all eyes can be exposed to the wonderful sports of winter. We have been waiting four years for this moment to return, and now South Korea will have the chance to show the world what winter is all about.

Between figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, curling, luge, skeleton and much more, the winter games are never short of excitement. Even though many of these sports are not well known, there is no denying the highly underestimated impact the Olympics have on these sports. This year, 92 countries will travel to east Asia to compete against the greatest athletes in each discipline. Some come for a medal, while others come for the experience. But no matter the reason, every athlete is a champion in the eyes of their fans.

Olympic athletes come in all different sizes and from all different backgrounds. Each fan group starts off small and consists of just two people; mom and dad. Then it gradually grows to include schools, businesses and sponsors. But every four years, uniforms are exchanged for ones with colors that give athletes an even bigger fan; their country. Competing under your country’s name represents something much bigger than the competition itself. These colors hold more honor and pride than any other previous team’s, and although spectators can get caught up in medal counts, the meaning of the Olympics is one never to be forgotten.

We each hold our country’s spirit in our hearts, but we never forget all the individuals whose hard work and determination have brought them to the stage. They are truly the best of the best. It’s amazing how a group of professional athletes can not only unite nations, but also the world. No matter what flag hangs the highest, the Olympics send home much more than medals.

At Bear Creek the anticipation for the upcoming Winter Games is tangible. You can see it in the faces of each staff member and guest. For a short time, our mountain stands a little bit taller, built upon the pride of each skier and boarder. After we carve our morning turns, our lodge will fill with eager eyes, awaiting the next athlete to carve their name into the history of winter sports.

The games may only last two weeks, but the Olympic spirit is forever enduring.

Yours Truly,
Arialle Hess