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The Pursuit of Paradise

Arialle Hess  
Rossignol’s entry-level ski every novice should try.
When it comes to beginner skis, technology has come a long way. Skiing wasn’t always the easiest sport to learn, but thanks to the piste pioneers, it is much more fun for beginners. Rossignol’s 2018/2019 P100 novice alpine ski was new to the Bear Creek rental fleet this December. Over the past three months, many first-time skiers came to Bear Creek and, unknowingly, rented a worthy contender of “best beginner ski.”
Rossignol Pursuit 100/200 Ski
Level: beginner/intermediate
Terrain Type: piste (groomed)
Retail Price: $500
With modern advancements, skis now come in all different shapes and sizes. The rental P100s (or retail P200s) are far from your parents’ toothpicks in both aesthetics and functionality. A few features on this ski that have changed entry level skiing are the rocker and side cut. Both play an enormous role in assisting the skier when making turns.
Most skis have a camber, or upward curve in the middle of the ski. This provides that “ …

Winter Mountain Events!

Arialle Hess  
What’s going on at Bear Creek during the 18/19 ski season? Weather you ski or ride, we all can relate to that giddy feeling when snow covers your boots and bindings as you turn to shuck a few inches of fluff, or when you dig an edge into that Type-A-personality laid corduroy, slashing its perfection and leaving your track. But if sliding down the slopes is overrated for you, then you will want to check out the Calendar of Events for some awesome winter events, enjoyed by both spectator and participant.
Up first …

What's New for the 18/19 Winter Season

Arialle Hess  
New for the 2018-2019 ski season is the role Bear Creek is playing in the winter sports industry. The resort has a strong local community; however, Bear Creek wants to increase interest in mountain sports outside the area. The outreach efforts of the team have paralleled the new 18-19 pricing in hopes of making skiing and riding more accessible and affordable to families.
New to winter sports? Bear Creek has new …

Food Truck Festival

Arialle Hess  
Fresh Food, Best Views.
There are a few times a year that call for a good old fashion cook-out, but at Bear Creek, we don’t seem to think you need a special occasion to enjoy a good BBQ. Sunday, August 26th proved to be a perfect day to get together with friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors accompanied by some delicious treats and jammin’ beats. Between the hours of 12 and 6PM you could come to the resort grounds for $5 and enjoy …

Summer Wine Festival

Arialle Hess  
Sippin' on Summer
Summer has arrived, and just like the seasons have changed, so has Bear Creek. The 2018 calendar is chock full of new events such as the Food Truck Festival, Bear Creek Brew Fest, and a new spin on the local favorite wine festivals. Shortly after the winter chaos ended, the events team decided to put their heads together to create a crowd-driving calendar of events. So, they buckled down and after days of resort-wide meetings, the …