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food truck festival

Food Truck Festival

Arialle Hess
Fresh Food, Best Views.
There are a few times a year that call for a good old fashion cook-out, but at Bear Creek, we don’t seem to think you need a special occasion to enjoy a good BBQ. Sunday, August 26th proved to be a perfect day to get together with friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors accompanied by some delicious treats and jammin’ beats. Between the hours of 12 and 6PM you could come to the resort grounds for $5 and enjoy an afternoon outside at the Food Truck Festival.

Food has always brought people together, but sometimes you need to switch up the four-wall scene for a different view. Food Trucks provide an easily accessible place to get delicious food literally almost anywhere. There are hundreds of different types food trucks providing food from Gyros and tacos to ice cream and corn on the cob (there are even vegan options now!). The Food Truck craze has been around for about a decade, but recently the demand has become large enough for local areas to host events, much like Bear Creek’s Food Truck Festival. The Food Truck market is definitely evolving, and with that, so are the trucks. These trucks are top notch restaurants on wheels. (No more gross food from a street corner). Ordering from a food truck is not just a last minute I’m running late option that you will regret later. It’s a wonderful mobile world of delicious comfort and unique foods (that are reasonable priced I might add).

Since Food Trucks are smaller than your average size restaurant, you can jam a whole lot of flavor into a small space. Bear Creek was able to host over 20 Food Trucks scattered around the base area of the mountain, providing food to over 2,700 guests. With such a wide variety of food, there was no leaving without seconds. And the best part is you could walk 5 feet to a picnic table and enjoy your millennial meal outside! Add the rockin’ M80 band to your summer soundtrack and you got yourself a sizzlin’ summer Sunday! With the resort right in your backyard, it’s always the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Good times happen every month at Bear Creek, so check out our 2018 Calendar of Events for more upcoming outdoor fun this fall.

Yours Truly,
Arialle Hess