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summer wine fest

Summer Wine Festival

Arialle Hess
Sippin' on Summer
Summer has arrived, and just like the seasons have changed, so has Bear Creek. The 2018 calendar is chock full of new events such as the Food Truck Festival, Bear Creek Brew Fest, and a new spin on the local favorite wine festivals. Shortly after the winter chaos ended, the events team decided to put their heads together to create a crowd-driving calendar of events. So, they buckled down and after days of resort-wide meetings, the white smoke finally appeared, and they rolled out the 2018 Calendar of Events. Even though the work was just beginning, the team at Bear Creek was more than ready to take it on.

On Friday, July 13th, the resort was prepared to host just shy of 1500 guests, eager to change up their Friday night scenery. The Summer Wine Festival was going to be the first of the few additional events this year, and with some of the Valley’s award-winning wineries, delicious food vendors and specialized craft vendors, this was going to be one unforgettable summer evening. At 5:30pm sharp the gates opened to unleash the locals upon 330-acres of vast mountain landscape with vendors awaiting to please their taste buds. During the evening the laughter and chit chat of guests socializing were heard. The staff was busy making sure the event ran smoothly – running wine to and from booths, filling up ice buckets and escorting guests to dinner. The hustle and bustle only slowed down for just a moment; all pausing to soak in the setting sun. Soon after the sun set, the slope lights had their time to shine. As darkness took over, the lights flooded the mountain, illuminating the resort’s country-industrial stature; warm and inviting, yet just a strong and unforgiving as the mountain. It’s a view that I am convinced can’t be found anywhere else in Lehigh or Berks county.

As guests finished dinner, they joined the night crawlers out on the mountain to continue the festivities. Ladies were jammin’ out to Tavern Tan, while men puffed on cigars from all over the world. Tasty treats were sampled; from rum cakes and gourmet fudge, to pickled vegetables and bacon. The smell of savory food trucks simmered throughout the warm air. The murmur of guests was heard as glasses clinked and burgers sizzled. Everyone who attended the festival was immediately engulfed by the infectious atmosphere. The mood was set, and people were loving it! The newest addition to Bear Creek’s event calendar was a hit.

As the night hours ticked away, guests started making their way to their cars, carrying loads of goodies from bottles of wine and home-made salsas to serving stones and hand-painted glasses. The clean-up crew started to make their way out on the hill; breaking down tables and cleaning up garbage. Eventually the mountain grew quiet. The air was still warm and scenery still beautiful, but summer had never tasted so good. If you missed the debut of the Summer Wine Festival, we have another tasty treat coming your way on August 26th, 2018. The Food Truck Festival will be one mouth-watering event you won’t want to miss!
Visit our online Calendar of Events for all future event dates and details.

Yours Truly,
Arialle Hess