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mountain ballroom wedding reception

Sophisticated Seclusion

Arialle Hess

Every season our guests arrive at our resort with the expectation of an experience above the rest. But at this time of year, instead of buses unloading the ardent adolescents ready to hit the slopes, we now welcome limousines, gallantly transporting weddings guests to an unforgettable evening. Upon arrival, you will see a whole new world of Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

As the employees prepare for the shift from teaching lessons to serving guests at banquet events, the resort starts to take on a new aura. The entrance way, that was once busy with skiers and riders lugging equipment to and from the rental shop, is now paved with flowers and plants, delicately cascading all around the guests as they enter the Lodge Plaza. The centralized Mountain Courtyard, where ski racks were bombarded as everyone ran in for lunch, is now a secluded ceremony site with pristine white chairs and a grandiose trellis against a backdrop wrapped in forest greenery. The tubing slope barrier, which stopped everything but laughter and smiles, was broken down to unleash wide open spaces that pave the path for the bride. Up on the Woodland Courtyard photographers take this opportunity to capture the breathtaking views overlooking the mountain, stopping time for just a moment.

The transformation of the interior matches that of the exterior. Three ballrooms are prepared daily, waiting to host a night of champagne toasts and delectable treats. The Lodge is transformed from piled-up lunch boxes, scattered boot bags and the gruesome aftermath of French fry fights, into an eloquent ballroom cloaked in white, decorated with sophisticated silverware and stately chairs. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the Lodge give a panoramic view of the mountain. It’s a motion-picture of nature, with a new feature every season. Other doors will open up to vaulted ceilings and grand chandeliers for an experience that will leave you wanting more.

From birthday parties and bar/bat mitzvahs, to weddings and conferences, Bear Creek hosts events every night. This year, the banquet halls are busy with 134 weddings and 477 corporate and social events. The ballrooms host an average of 2 corporate events per day and can host up to 6 weddings a weekend. The hustle and bustle never ends! From walking the bride down the aisle or preparing for the key note speaker, to dancing the night away or successfully presenting your idea in front of your company, the BCMR staff is here to help give you a moment that is one to remember. Come experience Bear Creek Mountain Resort and make your next event an experience above the rest.

Yours Truly,
Arialle Hess