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pond skimming spring ski event

Spring is in the Air

Arialle Hess
Everyone knows the familiar feeling when you hear the chirping of the birds early in the morning. You haven’t heard it in months. You know Spring is coming. On days like this, the sun shines a little brighter and the air feels a bit warmer. Mother Nature is tricky though, you never know when she will hit you with a blast of a snow storm. For skiers and riders all over Pennsylvania, this is what we’re waiting for. We want one last snow day before packing up the gear until next year.
Mother Nature never lets us know what she has in store. Over the past 2 months our Mountain Operations Team at Bear Creek has been hit with adversity on a weekly basis. We have seen bitterly cold temperatures freeze up the snow guns, pouring rain flood the loading areas to the lifts, and finally 7 inches of snow! ….. which proceeded to melt the very next day. It looks like winter is the new March. Nonetheless, every skier and rider still awaits the erratic March temperatures in hopes of the perfect storm so we can ski some hero-snow.

Soft, skiable snow gives one last shot at redemption and makes dare devils out of everyone. It’s the only time of year when fear doesn’t exist. During this time, many alpine adventurers push their limits by trying the moguls or catapulting themselves off a jump in the terrain park. If you aren’t into all that, hero-snow still allows for awesome carve-turns. The past few years weren’t shy of anything; the dumpings of a few feet of snow in one day made spring skiing possible (and with the bonus of not having to wear 10 layers of clothing!). Soft snow and warm sun can’t be resisted; people near and far come out to enjoy what is left of winter.

Whether you view it as the end of winter or the beginning of spring, it calls for a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than soaking in the sun with burgers and beers! But it isn’t just an outside grill-n-chill that creates a fun-filled atmosphere; ski resorts all around the world have festivities celebrating the end of another season. Many resorts host on-hill events such as Pond Skimming and Cardboard Box Races. Watching skiers and riders speed down a hill in hopes of crossing a man-made pond is exciting, but when they fail, that’s when the real entertainment begins. This year, Bear Creek will host the Cardboard Box Races on Saturday, March 17th followed by its annual Pond Skimming event on Sunday, March 18th. Don’t miss out on all the fun! You may even see some beach bums in speedos! (obviously overly excited about liquid water.)

Come join the festivities at Bear Creek and bid adieu to the 17/18 winter season while the snow is still on the ground, but spring is in the air.
Yours Truly,
Arialle Hess