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10 Reasons to Purchase a Ski Season Pass

Are you looking to get out and do something this year? Well, you don’t have to wait around for summer to arrive. What better way to get outside than by skiing or snowboarding?! Purchase a season pass and you can carve until your heart is content. If you are not sure whether you should purchase a season pass or stick to day-tickets, below is a list of 10 reasons purchasing a season pass definitely has its perks.


1. Best way to ensure you have access to the slopes

Due to COVID-19 state regulations, your ski trip experience may look a little different this year. Many ski resorts are limiting day-ticket sales, so buying a ski season pass is one way to make sure you can hit the slopes.

For the 20/21 season Bear Creek is not restricting access to season pass holders, nor requiring SPH to reserve their slope time. You can carve until your heart’s content.

2. More flexibility in accessing the slopes

If you have already decided to purchase a pass, your next decision is “Which pass should I buy?” Bear Creek is offering two passes for the 20/21 ski season: a Value Pass and an Unlimited Loyalty Pass.

If you prefer having the freedom to come and go whenever your schedule allows, an Unlimited Pass is worth the extra money. Plus, you won’t feel cheated if a stellar storm rolls in on a blackout date.

However, a Value Pass is great for people who need a budget-friendly option. This pass is valid Monday-Friday, so you can still get in some turns after work.

3. It’s cost effective in the long run

A season pass is still significantly more expensive than a few day-tickets and might leave you wondering if a season ski pass is worth it.

If you ski on average of six times a season, a Bear Creek season pass is definitely worth it.

Bear Creek also offers discounted rates on season passes during the off-season, so you can shop smart and avoid paying full price.

The resort also offers payment plans to help disperse the cost, giving you the ability to manage your finances in a way that works best for you.

4. Fast track to the lift lines

Don’t get stuck in the ticket line the day after a snowstorm. With a season pass, you can jump out of your car and into the lift line.

Having a season pass helps avoid waiting in lines, giving you more time out on the slopes.

5. More spontaneous trips with your friends

A season pass is valid for the entire winter season, so no time wasted figuring out ticket logistics when your buddies want to make a last-minute trip up to the mountains après work.

What pairs better with a season pass than season-long rentals? If you don’t own your own equipment, most resorts and local shops offer seasonal rentals, allowing you to bypass the rental line, too.

6. Winter sports are a great way to keep in shape during the cold, winter months

Don’t feel defeated now that winter has arrived and many gyms are closed. Skiing and Snowboarding provide a great way to exercise in the winter, plus it’s super easy to stay 6-feet apart.

If you purchase a season pass, you can hit the slopes as much or as little as you want. Committing to twice a week is a good place to start, but let’s face it, skiing is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like exercising.

7. Outdoor exercising helps fight those ‘winter blues’

Sticking to a daily exercise routine during the winter months is critical to fighting the ‘winter blues’. Doing it outside has even more benefits.

Crisp and cold, the fresh winter air has energizing effects. After the chilly chair ride up to the top, embrace the invigorating air that slaps you in the face as you drop in, waking you up in an instant.

Practice your carving on the way down to get the maximum leg work out.

A season pass can be nature’s anti-depressant. Take once a day for maximum fun!

8. Exclusive benefits if you join the SPH club

At Bear Creek, season pass holders receive discounts on Hotel rooms, spa services and entrees at the signature restaurant, The Grille.

Plus, you can get everything you need for the winter for less at the Tune Shop and Retail Shop.

Since we love winter sports at BCMR, our season pass holders get FREE unlimited runs on the NASTAR race course during the month of January. It’s a great way to branch out, try something new, and realize how difficult a beginner mountain can be when you have gates flying at your face.

To help get others onboard, SPH also receive a free mid-week lift and tubing ticket for a friend.

9. FREE Summer Mountain Activity Pass

A season pass gets you more than just access to a winter wonderland. All SPH have access to Bear Creek’s hiking and biking trails after the snow melts.

During the summer, explore the 7-mile trail system and enjoy the 18-hole disc golf course.

10. More Friends!

The more time you spend on the slopes, the more people you will meet.

Meet up-and-coming pros that happen to be shredding locally. Debunk the fun-sponge myth and speak with ski patrollers to understand all the hard work they do to keep us safe while we are out having a good time. You might hear a few humbling stories.

A season pass will open up a whole other world of like-minded people, who are enjoying every ounce of winter whether a terrain park shredder, die-hard racer, or ski bum.

There are your top 10 reasons to buy a ski season pass. If you need more reasons, ask around! There are plenty more to list, but why waste more time reading about it when you can go experience it yourself! Go online to learn more about Bear Creek’s season passes for the 20/21 winter season.
If you are ready to dive into your winter playground, you can purchase the Unlimited Loyalty Pass today!