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The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers 12/15/17

Arialle Hess

Assistant Snowmaking Manager, Kevin Jennings, joins us for today’s edition of “The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers”.

Q: We finally had some natural snow fall last night! That should help you guys with snow production, right?
A:  At Bear Creek, we always welcome natural snow, but it can be tricky when you are trying to lay a base down on the slopes. Snowmaking is a systematic process, so each time we make snow, the consistency is pretty darn similar. But natural snow is finicky and it doesn’t determine to fall only when the conditions favor alpine sports. Obviously, there is a science to how and when snow falls, however, there are still variances when it does. For example, sometimes snow is light and fluffy, other times its heavy and wet, and it also can even be mixed with rain or ice. Last night, our snowmaking production was halted because the natural snow we did receive was during a humidity spike to 99% which caused our water to stay in liquid form and unfortunately, there was no wind last night to push the humidity out. Our guys were bummed about low production levels; however, we never complain about some natural snow accumulation! We are on standby all day today to jump on any opportunity. Tonight’s forecast is looking good and the hill is continuing to get whiter!

Q: What trails will be open on Saturday?
A: Since we are still blowing snow today, our grooming team needs some time to connect the dots, so as of now, we don’t have a confirmed trail number. However, we do plan on operating all lifts if all goes well. We will get the word out as soon as we finalize all details. Right now, we are still pushing out piles since we had perfect conditions last night and our snowmaking team absolutely killed it! We have already pumped out 4.6 million gallons of water since last night and the forecasted coating of snow will top it off! There is no question -- we will be ready for an awesome day on the slopes tomorrow!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask our Snowmakers, please submit an email.