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The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers 12/21/17

Arialle Hess
 Our slopes are almost 100% open! Assistant Snowmaking Manager, Kevin Jennings, joins us for today’s edition of “The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers”
Q: The snowmakers had another production run last night. How did that go?
A: Last evening was more of a “dusting” to improve conditions, rather than a big production run. We operated the system for 8 hours and used around 1.1 million gallons. The wet-bulb hung out at around 24-26 which was just cold enough for us to effectively convert. Luckily, the wind was calm, which allowed us to lift the barrels up/give the plume some hang time, oscillate the fans, and spread the product around as much as possible.
Q: Will the slopes deteriorate with the possible rain during the warm spell?
A: Thankfully we have a solid base, which actually helps slow down any melting if we hit a warm streak. Plus, we do have reserve piles of snow that can help us patch up thin areas. We also have additional water to aid in recovery from any long-term warm weather.
Q: What does your short-term operational plan look like?
A: This week we plan to blow a little snow just to patch up some thin areas to get us through the warm spell, however, we will have a production run for the big holiday week in order to make the conditions as best as possible on those busy days. Even though there is still plenty of snow out there, we plan on blowing snow to get a nice top layer down for all the guests to enjoy.
Q: Any foreseeable snowmaking after the warm spell?
A: Yes! Our plan to return on the evening of Christmas Day is still a go. Depending on how the current trails hold up, our original plan to move mobile units to Lower Cascade and Upper Broadway may change. As always, our main trails servicing all lifts are our #1 priority. 
If you have any questions that you would like to ask our Snowmakers, please submit an email.
Stay tuned for an upcoming video to address all your questions!