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The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers 12/28/17

Arialle Hess

Happy Holidays everyone! If you are looking for a great winter escape during the holiday break, we have just the thing!
Today Assistant Snowmaking Manager Kevin Jennings will share updates on Bear Creek's slope conditions and snowmaking plans for the holiday week.

Q: I am sure the mountain ops team is ecstatic that winter has finally arrived! How did snowmaking go last night?
A: The boys hit another one out of the park. We ran 100% of the guns and pumped another 2.2 million gallons in 8 hours. We throttled back on guns where the base was thick, but we let the guns run WIDE open in low spots.

Q: You talk about water in millions of gallons; however, it’s hard to comprehend that amount. Can you give us an estimate of what we are looking at when we see snow being made?
A: Last night we had a 6° wet-bulb all night, that means in these temps just one gun can toss out over 100 gallons per minute. That makes an enormous pile of snow!

Q: What does our trail count look like?
A: After taking the majority of the season off last year, BROWN BEAR IS OPEN and is here to stay! In addition, we added the small connector of UPPER BROADWAY last evening which was also on vacation last year.

Q: Good to hear! And for those terrain park riders, any word on our famous “Jump Line”?
A: Last night we turned the tube park guns around and pointed them into LOWER CASCADE aka the “Jump Line”. By roping off the entrance and closing the valve at the top of Tubing, we are running a little loop so that we can continue to bury the “Jump Line” all day today without blowing snow on our guests. The run should be ready for the weekend.

Q: When can we expect the connector of Bear Pass to Family Park to be open?
A: BEAR PASS leading to the new FAMILY PARK should be ready by the weekend as well.

Q: And I assume snowmaking will continue tonight?
A: Without a doubt!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask our Snowmakers, please submit an email.
Stay tuned for an upcoming video to address all your questions!