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The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers 1/26/18

Arialle Hess

Mother Nature is finally bringing back some cold over-night temps. Assistant Snowmaking Manager Kevin Jennings is here to recap his weekly work in preparation for this weekend.

Q: After the rain storm on Tuesday, your team was able to get back on the guns later in the week. How did production go on Wednesday night?
A: The forecast looked great for Wednesday, however, production wasn’t at an all time high. Early in the night the humidity was too high for efficient snowmaking; we couldn’t get a decent production until after midnight. Due to the coldest and driest temps settling in around early morning, we decided to let the guns run until the sun impeded our work.

Q: Was there improvement on Thursday night’s run?
A: The forecast looked great, but again the humidity hung around most of the night. We are currently running the guns until 10am this morning to help give us some extra snow for the weekend.

Q: Will your team run again tonight?
A: We are watching the forecast for an opportunity but unfortunately, it’s looking more and more unfavorable. Because of the warm temps starting on Friday night, running the guns during the morning hours today will provide us with the snow we need to make great conditions for the weekend.

Q: Aside from the setbacks, you still managed to put over 3 million gallons on the hill this week. Were you able to reopen any terrain that was lost?
A: Yes, laying down that extra snow during the morning hours allowed us to reopen Sasquatch. We are back at 100% heading into the weekend!

Q: It’s safe to assume the snowmakers prefer below freezing temps, but no one can argue with fresh snow and warm sun; it’s a skier’s heaven! With the fresh snow your team put on the hill and the warm forecasted temps, I think we have a fantastic weekend ahead of us! However, will this deteriorate the slopes at all?
A: With the work the team has put in so far, the weekend should be great, and the slopes shouldn’t suffer too much. In the event we do see some thinning, we should be able to get back to work on Monday night. If the temps stay true, there are more opportunities for snowmaking on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

It looks like the Bear Creek weekend forecast calls for fresh snow and warm sun! Come on out and enjoy winter’s best!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask our Snowmakers, please submit an email.