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The Sit-Down with the Snowmakers 2/2/18

Arialle Hess

Get ready for the big game at Bear Creek! Aside from live music on Saturday, special ticket pricing on Sunday and live coverage of the big game, our snowmaking team is making sure you have a winning day on the slopes!
Assistant Snowmaking Manager Kevin Jennings is here to let us know what we can expect heading into the weekend.

Q: Earlier this week we had some unusual sightings at BC; the snowmakers were out during the day! Tell us about your mid-morning runs.
A: The weather in the past has shafted us out of some good production but on Tuesday night, we were able to run full tilt the entire night! Around 5am, our normal shut-down time, the temps held. Since we missed out on some potential days due to increasing temperatures, we decided to capitalize on these cold morning temp.

Q: Is running during operational hours something Bear Creek does frequently?
A: This is something Bear Creek rarely does, and if we do, we take all guest experience aspects into consideration before making the decision.

Q: What was the thought process behind making snow during operational hours?
A: Between trying to rebuild our base from the past warm rainy weather, and the possibility of more to come, our team took this opportunity to not only improve conditions but also to help build up our base.

Q: How important is building up your base?
A: Very. The bigger the base, the more tolerance the slopes have. They can withstand more weather fluctuations and in return, less subsequent damage control.

Q: How much water did you pump out during this run?
A: We pumped out almost 4 million gallons of water.

Q: Did you have to shut down any terrain?
A: Unfortunately, blowing during the day did pushed back some work. Cascade was closed due to the rebuild taking place, but the Parks crew was able to hammer out a sweet new setup!

Q: Was any other work done on the slopes?
A: After pushing out that much water, there was a lot of grooming to be done, and Brad had to rebuild the tube park.

Q: Any more snowmaking before the big weekend hits?
A: Yes, we plan on making snow on Friday night along with another tube park rebuild. All slopes should be stellar heading into the weekend!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask our Snowmakers, please submit an email.