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Winter Mountain Events!

Arialle Hess
What’s going on at Bear Creek during the 18/19 ski season? Weather you ski or ride, we all can relate to that giddy feeling when snow covers your boots and bindings as you turn to shuck a few inches of fluff, or when you dig an edge into that Type-A-personality laid corduroy, slashing its perfection and leaving your track. But if sliding down the slopes is overrated for you, then you will want to check out the Calendar of Events for some awesome winter events, enjoyed by both spectator and participant.
Up first is for the go-fast-cross-your-fingers-and-hope-your-edge-doesn’t-give-out type of skier. The professionals have laid out a course of hard-packed powder just for you. NASTAR racing takes place every Tuesday (Giant Slalom) and Wednesday (Slalom) night from 6:45 to 8:45, and on Sundays (alternate GS/SL) from 10am-12pm. NASTAR professionals set up the course with easy to follow gates and of course, a timer. To see if you’ve earned those bragging rights you’ve been boasting to your friends about, bring a few Lincolns ($5 bills) to Guest Services or at the top of Timberline, and have unlimited tries at proving yourself. The finish line has your name on it!
Next is for the metal-scrapers and gravity-defying gurus. Yup, you guessed it – terrain park competitions. Bear Creek hosts two competition series, each with 3 individual mini events within the series. The Party in the Park is an informal get-together with music and swag. The first Party in the Park took place on January 26th and it was a huge success. Many came out to hit the newly designed features, but many more brought toys to be donated to CHOP. If you are serious about having a good time, then the Party in the Park is for you. Future dates for this event are February 21st and March 7th from 6-8pm. Entry is FREE!
The next competition turns it up a notch. The Showdown Series tests three different park skill sets, all adding up to a series champion. The Big Air is up first and takes place on February 3rd, followed by Rail Jam on March 2nd and Slopestyle on March 9th. If you have some sick skills, come out to compete for prizes and swag. Competitions start at 10am and Entry is FREE!
As the season comes to a close, we celebrate by hosting the annual Cardboard Box Races and Pond Skimming Event. This year they will respectively take place on March 16th and 17th. Watching skiers and riders speed down a hill in hopes of crossing a man-made pond is exciting, but when they fail, that’s when the real entertainment begins. It’s a fun-filled weekend whether you are a spectator or participant.
Last up is the high-octane monster on skis; the Snowmobile Drag Races. This one isn’t necessarily for the average person, but it’s a hoot to watch! Men, women and kids rev their engines in hopes of being the fastest one to the top. It’s traditional drag racing excitement with different scenery. Mark your calendars for March 24th at 10am. What better way to end the 18/19 winter season?
Winter is in full swing and skiers and riders are here to stay. Weather you ski, ride, pizza wedge or slide, start enjoying all that winter has to offer and experience Bear Creek’s Winter Mountain Events.
Yours Truly,
Arialle Hess

Click here to view the full calendar of events.