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Join us on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 for a day full of music!

Gospel Service 1 594742 Gospel Service 2 664761

Gospel Service

Stage Time: 9:00am (30 Mins)

A non-Denominational service with Americana/bluegrass gospel singing.

The Morning Concert Series featuring...

Dulcimer Boys 250150

- Dulcimer Boys

Stage Time: 9:30am (30 Mins)

Bio: The Dulcimer Boys are Norm Williams (vocals, mountain dulcimer, banjo, guitar, and ukulele), Cliff Cole (hammered dulcimer, guitar, and percussion), and Rob Yoder (vocals, guitar, banjo, concertina, mountain dulcimer, and bodhrán). Norm, a member of the Old-Time and Gospel group, Wayfarers & Company, joins two members of the traditional music group DayBreak to form this harmonious offshoot.
These long-time musician friends have come together to perform a range of folk music inspired by American Old-Time and Celtic traditions. The combination of mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, banjo, and guitar especially lend themselves to the music of late 19th Century America. The mountain dulcimer, especially, is an instrument developed by European immigrants to the Appalachian region.
Big Valley Blue Grass 250200

- Big Valley Bluegrass

Stage Time: 10:00am (60 Mins)

Bio: Big Valley Bluegrass plays a blend of original and traditional bluegrass music.  From their home base in the Lehigh Valley, they have played numerous festivals, concerts and radio shows in PA, NJ and Delaware.  You'd best not forget the BIGgest Bluegrass Band in the Valley.
Crow Hill 250200

- Crow Hill

Stage Time: 11:00am (60 Mins)

Bio: Although Crow Hill formed in early 2015, this band has been around for years as members of other local bands with a combined total of over 100 years of musical experience—not all of it bluegrass.  Crow Hill’s musical background includes country, blues, barbershop, gospel, rock, folk, and Celtic. A performance by Crow Hill is apt to include a tune from any of these genres—played in the bluegrass tradition plus original songs written by the band members.
Poor Mans Gambit 250150

- Poor Man's Gambit

Stage Time: 12:00 Noon (60 Mins)

Bio: Poor Man's Gambit is a trio of traditional artists comprised of Corey Purcell (button accordion, cittern, vocals, bodhran, dance), Federico Betti (guitar, fiddle), and Deirdre Lockman (fiddle, vocals, dance).
Initially formed as a pickup band in 2015, PMG has performed hundreds of shows around the United States in addition to performances in the UK and Ireland.  
Building on their roots as traditional Irish musicians, the trio's repertoire is also influenced by traditional music of other cultures including France, Scotland, England, and America, some of which can be heard on their latest release 'Land of Sunshine'. Several original tunes have also been included on the album including an air 'Bear Mountain', and the reel 'House on the Ridge'. 
Opening Ceremonies 767215

Salute to America and Honoring our Vets

Stage Time: 1:00pm (15 Mins)

Join us during this time to honor our Tradition, our Country, and our Vets!
Fiddle Competition Class 1

Fiddle Competition Class 1

Stage Time: 1:15pm (continues until all contestants have competed)

Age group 12 and under
Appalachian Ed 250200

Appalachian Ed

Stage Time: Approximately 2:15pm (30 Mins) 

Bio: There is no-one with the expressive dynamic control that Appalachian Ed has on his Dulcimer. He becomes the music and breathes life into every note.
Ed started playing drums in 2nd grade and remained in the band through high school. He started playing guitar outside of school at age 10 and by the time he was a freshman he was playing in his first band called Fire Mountain Story with his lifelong friend Kenny (T.K.) Carr. “We started jamming in 8th grade”. He then started teaching guitar and music theory in his basement the following year, along with turning that basement into a recording studio. About this time he was in 2 bands both playing original music. One, a 6-piece jazz fusion band, Organized Confusion the other a 3-piece progressive rock band "Us" with longtime friend Eric Tollifson. With over 50 albums of original music recorded in his home studio, Ed’s background ranges from Bluegrass to Jazz, Hard Rock to Space music, Fusion to Blues and Native American Flute music.
Ed worked 15 years for a professional sound company as an installer and project manager. The past ten years, Ed has been involved with buckskining and Native American pow wows, dancing and playing the flutes that he made. Having his own guitar shop was a great thing, doing repair and teaching, which he still does in his home. His true love is the guitar & the mountain Dulcimer which is obvious when you hear him play.
Fiddle Competition Class 2

Fiddle Competition Class 2

Stage Time: Approximately 2:45pm (continues until all contestants have competed)

Age group 13 through 17
Dave Fry 250200

Dave Fry

Stage Time: Approximately 3:45pm (30 Mins) 

Bio: Growing up in upstate New York in the 60’s, then graduating from Lehigh University in 1973 with two degrees (BS – Mechanical Engineering, BA – Philosophy), Dave Fry began performing folk music in college with the Graveyard Skiffle Band, specializing in early 20’s folk and jug band music. The early 70’s found Dave with the Shimersville Sheiks, expanding his horizons with bluegrass, early country, blues, and novelty acoustic music. It was in spring of 1976 that Dave founded Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, a 100-seat coffeehouse and listening club that eventually became a not-for-profit organization in 1983, and remains an important and well-respected stop on the national and international folk circuit today.
Fiddle Competition Class 3

Fiddle Competition Class 3

Stage Time: Approximately 4:15pm (continues until all contestants have competed)

Age group 18 and older
Fiddlemania 767513


Stage Time: Approximately 5:00pm 

All fiddlers are welcome on stage to play a song or two choosen by The House Band!
2021 winner 150200

Awards Ceremony

Stage Time: Approximately 5:15pm 

Our fiddle competition champions and Grand Champion are announced!
Swing Low Finale Jam 767401

Swing Low Finale Jam

Stage Time: Approximately 5:30pm

All fiddlers are welcome on stage to play our traditional closing song!
In addition to the on-stage performers, numerous impromptu jam sessions break out throughout the resort, as well as an Open Mic!
Set up your picnic chair or spread a blanket to sit on in the sun or shade and enjoy the beautiful music and surroundings.
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