Mother's Day Take Out

Let The Grille do the cooking so you can enjoy Mother's Day 2020!  

  • To place an order, simply call (717) 574-2279 and leave your name, phone number and email and you will be contacted by a Bear Creek representative.
  • All orders must be made in advance by 6 PM on Wednesday, May 6th.
  • All pick ups will be curbside at the Hotel entrance on Saturday, 5/9 between 11 AM - 5 PM.
  • All payments must be made via credit card.  You will not be required to sign for your order.

Every order of $100 or more will receive a buy one entree, get a second entree free voucher for the Grille at a later date!


STARTERS (serves 4)

Domestic Cheese & Pickled Vegetables                                           $24 (GF)

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail                                                                      $36 (GF/DF)

Hummus (Served with Cucumber & Bread)                                     $18(DF/V)

Baked Spinach and Artichoke dip (Bread)                                       $24


SOUP & SALADS (Serves 4)

Country Style Potato                                                                           $15 (GF)

Cream of Broccoli and Cheddar                                                         $16 (GF)

Lobster Bisque                                                                                     $28

Traditional Caesar                                                                               $18

Mixed Green Salad                                                                               $20 (GF)

(tomato, cucumber, carrots, red onion, Balsamic vinaigrette)

Greek Salad                                                                                         $20(GF) 

 (Romaine lettuce, Kalamata olive, cucumber, feta, Greek dressing)

Caprese Salad                                                                                    $21(GF) 

(Roma tomato, mini-cherry mozzarella,Basil vinaigrette)


ENTREES (serves 1)

Amish Chicken Breast (wild mushroom, jus, parmesan)                    $15 (GF)

8oz Filet Mignon with Red wine demi-glace                                     $26 (GF)

Grilled Salmon (lemon caper beurre blanc)                                         $18 (GF)

Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak (fig balsamic glaze)                              $20 (GF)

Vegan Paella (vegan chorizo, tofu and mixed vegetables)                  $14(GF/DF/V)


KIDS (serves 1) (Served w/ Chips)

Penne & Marinara   $7                  Grilled Chicken     $9    

4oz Filet Mignon    $13                 Baked Meatloaf     $10                                                        


SIDES (serves 4)  - $12

Mashed Potato (GF)         Rice Pilaf (GF/DF/V)     Broccoli GF)             Roasted Red Bliss Potato (GF/DF/V)       

Glazed Carrot (GF)           Macaroni &Cheese      Green Beans (GF)    Cauliflower (GF/DF/V)                    


DESSERT (mini pie)$6

Salted Chocolate Caramel Tart

Apple Crumb Pie

Cherry Crumb Pie