Our massage technicians offer a wide variety of rejuvenating treatments that ease tension, promote blood flow, and usher in relaxation. Sessions are offered for 50 or 80 minutes, unless otherwise noted.

Reservations are recommended for spa appointments. You can book below or by contacting us at [email protected] or 610-641-7174.

Prices are subject to change.
Groups are 4 or more guests, groups over 6 may have to be split up in order to accommodate. The Spa can also be rented (Monday –Thursday only, $350 + service costs for 4 hours).
All Friday, Saturday or Sunday groups MUST be hotel guests.
Guests under the age of 13 MUST be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, accompanying parent must remain with the child during the spa stay.

Spa Services at Bear Creek

Massage Treatments

$130.00 / $155.00

This traditional, relaxing full-body massage utilizes smooth, long strokes to soothe pains and aches, and relieve tension and stress.

$150.00 / $175.00

Warm stones massage and rejuvenate the body with relaxing pressure.

$145.00 / $170.00

A very firm pressure massage to work out knots and any muscle tightness throughout the whole body.

$150.00 / $175.00

A relaxing massage that utilizes CBD oils or cream to help reduce tension in muscles.

$260.00 / $310.00

Two simultaneous traditional Swedish massages for two guests in the same room.

$150.00 / $175.00

Warmed Himalayan salt rocks relax the body, soothe sore muscles, lower blood pressure, reduce aging signs, improve sleep, remove toxins, and exfoliate the skin.

$105.00 / $135.00

A relaxing, full-body massage.


We cannot perform this massage during the first trimester.


Based on ancient Chinese therapy, reflexology comprises the manipulation of key points of the foot that correspond to the other body part. Compression is applied to feet to stimulate corresponding body parts for relaxation and relief. This works with the body’s energy flow to maintain balance and stimulate self-healing.


This relaxing treatment includes warm towels and foot scrub.

30 minute service


Warm towels, essential oils, and acupressure open the sinuses. Cold stone therapy decreases pain and inflammation.

30 minute service


Acupressure points throughout the face and neck release tension, reduce inflammation, and increase muscle tone to decrease pain. Essential oils lift the mind to diminish migraine headache pain.


During your first massage, you should expect a full body massage unless otherwise specified. The amount of pressure is always customizable.
A full body massage includes treatments performed on your head, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, back, and glutes.
You should undress to your own comfort level.
Before receiving a massage, make sure you hydrate, use the restroom, and are ready to relax. Showering beforehand is not required, but your body should be clean.
If you eat before your massage, make sure it is at least 30 minutes before your appointment time.


Professional massage therapy can be therapeutic & relaxing, however, it is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Please affirm that you have answered all questions on the intake form truthfully. There may be a possibility that the massage/body treatment may be denied by the technician due to a medical condition.