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Bear Creek Mountain Resort Summer Vacation Itinerary

Arialle Hess  
Peaceful mountain scenery, culture and music festivals, amusement parks, and tons of outdoor activities are just some of the reasons Bear Creek Mountain Resort makes a great vacation destination in eastern Pennsylvania. Located on the outskirts of Macungie, the resort is just a short drive from all the activities in both Berks County and the Lehigh Valley.
If you are looking to make your next family vacation in PA, Bear Creek has an on-site hotel that makes it easy to access local events and activities in both counties. Booking a room at The Hotel at Bear Creek gives you access to great outdoor fun both on and off the resort premise. This year, the resort is adding a few new activities that you will want to add to your vacation itinerary.

The Resort

Bear Creek has big plans to turn the ski slopes into a summer mountain vacation destination once again. Currently in the works is the return of the very popular mountain slip n’ slide. Last year was the debut of the world's longest inflatable slip n' slide and it was a huge success, drawing in people from various parts of the county who needed a place to cool off during the heat of summer. This activity is scheduled to return to Bear Creek in Summer 2022 so keep an eye out for more information. If you missed out last year, put this one on your bucket list!
Next in the production stage are off-road Segway Tours. This 2-hour tour lets you experience the resort from a new angle. The tour includes all equipment and safety training. Have a blast seeing the various parts of the property through wooded trails.
Guided Mountain SXS Tours will also make their yearly debut in early summer. The resort has upgraded its SXS vehicle to now seat 5 guests; allowing more of your friends to join in on the fun.
Check out all the on-site events and

Things to do this Summer at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Arialle Hess  
As the warm weather starts to settle in, summer events in PA are starting to fill up people’s planners once again. With plenty of outdoor space for activities, Bear Creek is excited to invite guests onto its property to experience some of the newest attractions. So, if you’re looking for things to do, Bear Creek has a calendar full of festivals, weekend-warrior events, and daily activities that are great for getting out of the house during the week.

Outdoor Concerts

The local-favorite live musical performances on Thursdays return this year. Starting on May 19th, Manatawny Creek Ramblers will be kicking off Music Under the Stars FREE community concert series that will last throughout the summer. This outdoor FREE concert takes place every third Thursday of the month, along with select Sundays, from 7-10pm. There is also live music on the calendar on every other Thursday evening from 6-9pm at the resort’s signature restaurant, The Grille. Each week the restaurant will have outdoor dining available with weekly food specials for you to grab a bite if you want dinner and a show.
The Sunday night concerts are brought to you by Frog Holler, who will also be hosting a FREE Drive-In concert on Saturday, May 28th from 7-10pm.


Festivals are finally back in action! Sitting upon 330 acres of mountain landscape, there is plenty of room at Bear Creek to host festivals all year long.

Wine Festivals 

Many folks have attended wine festivals in PA in previous years, and Bear Creek’s festival was a bucket-list destination among them. This year, the resort will contribute once again to the sipping soirees with a Spring Wine Festival on Sunday, April 24th, a Summer Wine Festival on Friday, July 22nd and a Harvest Wine Festival scheduled for Sunday, November 20th. Tickets are $30 per person. Your designated driver can also join the festivities sans alcohol for $5.

Cigar & Spirits

Join us for an evening of cigars and spirits featuring a wide selection of Cigars International’s finest selection. This event will take place on Friday, July 8th from 6-10pm. On this evening you can expect cigars paired with an assortment of tastings from distilleries, wineries, and breweries, plus local delicious food and music.
View the Cigars & Spirits webpage for ticket pricing.

Berks Fiddle Fest

It’s official! The Berks Fiddle Fest will return to Bear Creek on Sunday, September 18th. Last year was the kick-off year to this event being hosted at Bear Creek. The Berks Fiddle Fest will be an annual event every …

How to Help Soreness After Skiing

Arialle Hess  
It’s not uncommon for skiers and snowboarders to experience muscle pain after spending the day on the slopes. Whether beginner or expert, you can find yourself sore in muscles you didn’t even know you had. There’s a lot you can do to prevent unwanted soreness, but the fact is most of us ski only a small portion out of the year, so some soreness is inevitable. To help with your soreness after your next ski trip, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips!

Quick tips for easing soreness after skiing:

  1. Stretch before and after skiing
  2. Ice your muscles 
  3. Soak in hot tub
  4. Get a massage
  5. Stay hydrated


Stretch before and after skiing

Stretching is probably the most overlooked health benefit of all time. Most of us recreational athletes don’t put much effort, energy, or even thought into stretching our muscles on a daily basis. But the truth is stretching can be a huge benefit in reducing soreness and preventing injuries.
When it comes to skiing, our legs use each and every muscle to turn the skis. Even if it doesn’t seem strenuous, the repetitive motion alone can cause soreness. It’s not every day, or even every month that we strap weights to our feet to fall down a mountain, so if your body isn’t used to the motion, be prepared to experience some soreness. Stretching before and after you hit the slopes will ease muscle pain.
Although we suggest focusing on the legs, don’t neglect the upper body. The muscles that should hurt after skiing will most likely be in the lower body, but skiing and snowboarding affect the entire body, so adding in a few simple back and arm stretches will go a long way. At the end of the day you will be thankful for spending even 5 minutes doing stretches.
If you’re planning a trip of back to back days of shredding, check out Outside Online’s article The Best Stretches to Do After Skiing for ski-specific stretching recommendations from a Colorado-based physical therapist. 

How to Plan a Ski Trip on a Budget

Arialle Hess  
Ski trips are a family-favorite vacation during the winter months. Moms and dads love to escape to a winter wonderland and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery, delicious dining, and relaxing atmosphere of a mountain getaway. Kids love playing in the snow and shredding up the slopes. Whether it’s a family getaway or friends’ trip, the allure of a ski vacation can capture anyone.
With the ever-changing ski industry, there are cool new enhancements to experience, but the enjoyment comes at higher prices. Ski gear and equipment can be pricey, and lift tickets and passes are climbing even higher. When planning a ski trip, budgeting for on-hill needs, or booking accommodations and transportation, an affordable ski trip can seem hard to come by. But there are ways to plan a ski trip on a budget, here are some tips for planning both a fun and affordable ski vacation.

1. Visit a Ski Resort Near Major Cities

The first thing when searching for an affordable ski vacation is to check out resorts near your closest major city.
Even if you don’t live in the mountains, finding the nearest ski mountain can cut costs if you can drive. Flying takes up a lot of time and money, plus you have to pay additional fees to ship your gear. And don’t think about the extra stress if your gear doesn’t arrive with you (we’ve all been there).
Bear Creek is just a short drive from Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., and …

Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Retreat

Arialle Hess  
A corporate retreat can be of immense value to your team, especially given all the ups and downs over the past year and counting. Because some jobs descriptions and work life have undergone permanent changes, there has been a shift in thinking about in-person company retreats.
Imagine this: you’re in charge of a company, whose employees are working from home. Employees that, along with deadlines, have subpar computers and technological access from home, kids in the background, and other family members to take care of. How much work do you think they are producing under these circumstances? What is their quality of work? How long can you expect them to be fulfilled in their jobs while working in these stressful situations?
Although WFH can be a wonderful tool in creating a better work life, we are now seeing issues arising around it. Whether your company is WFH, back in the office, or somewhat of a mix, a corporate retreat can be a great management tool to unsure your company isn’t falling behind. Here are some ways your company can benefit from a corporate retreat.

Quick tips for why your company needs a retreat:

  1. Iron out any issues
  2. Beat zoom fatigue
  3. Increase team bonding
  4. Better work performance

1. Iron Out Any Issues

Being entirely WFH has led to miscommunication amongst companies of all sizes. Between video lapses and tons of Email threads, the communication channel can get bogged down fairly quickly. 
A retreat can aid in resolving any miscommunication. Humans have a hard enough time effectively communicating with spoken language, including emotional intonation and nonverbal cues. But take all that away when we use technology, and things can be easily misinterpreted. Companies can clear up any misunderstanding by holding meetings where everyone is present.

2. Beat Zoom Fatigue

A retreat is also a perfect solution to Zoom fatigue. No one enjoys being on video conference calls all day, and it is hard to expect employees to retain all information or even pay attention for the duration of multiple calls. Physically bringing your team out from behind their screens is a great refresher.
Even if the entire team cannot be present, many hotels have the latest technology to keep your entire team engaged and feel included in the event.
Bear Creek is proud to present our tech-forward hybrid solution allowing a virtual audience to fully engage with in-person participants to create a seamless experience. Our packages are designed to effectively connect both on-site and remote attendees in General Session and Breakout environments. Our professional audio-visual team will be with you throughout the planning and execution of your event to seamlessly integrate our technology with your programming to ensure success.
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