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Where to Find Live Music and Support Local Musicians in PA

Summer is right around the corner, which means calendars are filling up with food, music, and art festivals. Many cities host annual events that celebrate local traditions, as well as welcome new ideas that bring a culturally diverse audience. One of the many ways to celebrate time gone by as well as foster the future is through music. The cities within Lehigh and Berks Counties host annual music festivals that bring together generations of musicianship. From traditional to contemporary, eastern PA is filled with a variety of rhythms and sounds. If you are looking where to find live music near you, read more to find out how to spot some local artists at Bear Creek this summer.




Free Outdoor Concerts at Bear Creek


Every Third Thursday at 7pm


What’s better than a live musical performance? A FREE live musical performance, of course. Throughout the summer months, Bear Creek hosts free outdoor concerts. All are welcome; no need to be a hotel or restaurant guest to attend. On these free concert nights, guests are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets to camp out on the grass while they listen to artists of the night.
As part of the Music Under the Stars event, Bear Creek hosts these free concerts every third Thursday of each month from 7-10pm. The event is always family-friendly and suitable for all ages. Guests are welcome to walk around the resort premise and dine at the signature restaurant, The Grille, where they whip up a chef’s selection of BBQ specials.
You can also find free performances on select weekends. This year the locally acclaimed group, Frog Holler, will be headlining the Sunday Night Concerts.
View the entire performance schedule here.

Live Performances at Bear Creek

Every Thursday from 6-9pm

If you like to search out hidden talent at local spots, then Music Under the Stars at The Grille is the spot to be. Every Thursday from 6-9pm, the restaurant brings in local musicians who provide musical accouterments for the evening. The Grille’s revamped menu has gained much attention, but the scenery and musical ambience sets the stage for this summer-long schedule. Each week features a different act ranging from solo acoustics to duos and trios.
Come on out on Thursday evenings to support your local musicians and enjoy some delicious food!
View the entire performance schedule here.

Festivals at Bear Creek

  • Berks Fiddle Fest – Sunday, September 18th
  • Country Jam Music and Fall Festival – Sunday, October 16th
This year Bear Creek is home to two largely attended music festivals. Both take place following the renowned Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and various live music events in Allentown, PA. The first of the fall music festivals is the Berks Fiddle Fest scheduled on Sunday, September 18th, followed by Country Jam Fall Music Festival on Sunday, October 16th.

Berks Fiddle Fest

This folk festival is popular among Berks County natives and it is expanding to include those from even the most metropolitan areas of the Lehigh Valley. Berks Fiddle Fest is a family-friendly event that only costs $7 for attendees 13 years and older (free for children 6 and under).
The day starts off with a gospel service and morning concert series. The afternoon is jam-packed with fiddle contests of various age groups mixed with live performances from local bands. The conclusion of the event starts with the awards ceremony followed by a finale jam session brought to you by all the day’s contestants. Throughout the day, guests have time to shop around the crafter area and purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a Martin D-18 guitar or a handmade quilt. Festival merchandise is also available for sale. Popular items include t-shirts, guitar picks, and stickers.
If you are interested in registering for the fiddle contest or would like to become a vendor, please download the applicable forms:
A folk festival in this area draws a crowd that comes out to see the traditional-style music perfected by elders and passed on to younger generations. Preservation of this musicianship is an integral part to the posterity of PA Dutch culture. Even though community engagement has increased over the past few years, community support is still needed to continue festivals like the Berks Fiddle Fest. Business and individuals have the chance to donate to this event through various sponsorship levels. Their efforts help to support local music, local artists, and the preservation of traditional folk music.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please download the applicable forms:

Country Jam Music and Fall Festival


Mark your calendars for this year’s country jam on Sunday, October 16th from 12-6pm. Join the fall festival that will rock your socks off. Kick back and enjoy some sweet beats while viewing the fall foliage on the mountain. Fall doesn’t get better than this.
At this outdoor event, guests can enjoy back-to-back live performances of some of the most popular local bands. Wineries, distilleries, and other food vendors will be providing samples and products for sale. This event will be held in the base area and guests are welcome to bring their own blankets and chairs for additional lawn seating.
More information is to come. Please view the festival webpage for details.

Book at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Bear Creek Mountain Resort is an independent four-season resort offering leisure and business visitors world-class service, family-focused learn-to-ski opportunities, and unmatched amenities, featuring pools, hot tubs, axe throwing, archery, giant swing, and festivals. The Resort is committed to sustainability and wellness for guests and the planet, local inspired design complements the resort’s 300+ acres and natural beauty.
Check into The Hotel at Bear Creek today. We are confident your stay will be everything you’re expecting, and more.

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