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Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Retreat

corporate retreat can be of immense value to your team, especially given all the ups and downs over the past year and counting. Because some jobs descriptions and work life have undergone permanent changes, there has been a shift in thinking about in-person company retreats.
Imagine this: you’re in charge of a company, whose employees are working from home. Employees that, along with deadlines, have subpar computers and technological access from home, kids in the background, and other family members to take care of. How much work do you think they are producing under these circumstances? What is their quality of work? How long can you expect them to be fulfilled in their jobs while working in these stressful situations?

Although WFH can be a wonderful tool for creating a better work life, we are now seeing issues arising around it. Whether your company is WFH, back in the office, or somewhat of a mix, a corporate retreat can be a great management tool to ensure your company isn’t falling behind. Here are some ways your company can benefit from a corporate retreat.


1. Iron Out Any Issues

Being entirely WFH has led to miscommunication amongst companies of all sizes. Between video lapses and tons of Email threads, the communication channel can get bogged down fairly quickly. 
A retreat can aid in resolving any miscommunication. Humans have a hard- enough time effectively communicating with spoken language, including emotional intonation and nonverbal cues. But take all that away when we use technology, and things can be easily misinterpreted. Companies can clear up any misunderstanding by holding meetings where everyone is present.

2. Beat Zoom Fatigue

A retreat is also a perfect solution to Zoom fatigue. No one enjoys being on video conference calls all day, and it is hard to expect employees to retain all information or even pay attention for the duration of multiple calls. Physically bringing your team out from behind their screens is a great refresher.
Even if the entire team cannot be present, many hotels have the latest technology to keep your entire team engaged and feel included in the event.
Bear Creek is proud to present our tech-forward hybrid solution which allows a virtual audience to completely engage with in-person participants to create a seamless experience. Our packages are made to connect both remote and on-site attendees effectively in Breakout environments and General Sessions. Our professional audio-visual team will be with you throughout the planning and execution of your event to seamlessly integrate our technology with your programming to ensure success.

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3. Increase Team Bonding

There is a natural distance that happens within larger companies that have various locations, but it can easily sneak into smaller work spaces when employees are working from home.
This ‘us vs. them’ mentality can consume entire companies and it gives no possibility to welcoming new hires. When employees start referring to “that guy in Sales” because they don’t know their co-worker’s names, a detachment is created within the employee. Separation can cause a loss of compassion and empathy, which is harmful to a team’s progress. To avoid going down this slippery path, companies invest in getting to know their employees better on a personal level to ensure everyone feels part of a ‘team’ environment.  

Creating bonds with face-to-face interaction is pertinent to a successful business. An in-person meeting can be a good start, but turning that meeting into a team-building retreat can get your team to view themselves as parts of a whole, where anyone’s success is also everyone’s success.


Many corporate retreat locations such as Bear Creek offer various team-building activities. Bear Creek sits up on 330 acres, so there is plenty of space for even large companies to work on team bonding.



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Activity Package Includes

Guided Hike, Geocaching, Archery Target Shooting, Axe Throwing, and Fire Pit

$775 (up to 30 guests)

Activity + Meeting Package Includes

Guided Hike, Geocaching, Archery Target Shooting, Axe Throwing, and Fire Pit.

1-day meeting that includes meeting room, screen and projector package, continental breakfast, lunch, and all-day beverages.

$500 (up to 30 guests) + $75 per person for your corporate meeting (pricing based upon a one-day meeting)

Add an Overnight Stay

Hotel rates starting at $139 per night, plus tax (based on double occupancy)

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4. Better Work Performance

Corporate retreats can be very productive and it’s not difficult to see why. Putting employees in a new area can spark new ideas. Constantly working from behind the screen trying to make the next deadline can cause team members to get stuck in a rut. Allowing employees to work in a new setting while having all the resources of assistance and collaboration at their fingertips during ‘big picture’ workshops can get the gears turning.
WFH employees need that change of scenery even more than in-office workers. Most of the time offices provide necessary tools for job performance and innovation, but being stuck inside four walls can wear down the employee’s motivation and therefore production and creativity can lack.

Each company retreat should touch on two key points; creating a productive work environment and creating an engaging experience. The two are not mutually exclusive and having one without the other will only deter from the company’s goal while on the retreat. If time and money are invested into the retreat, make sure it holistically benefits the employees. As engagement increases, so does work performance.



Looking to add some additional excitement to your meeting with us? We have options that will fit your needs! Bear Creek has activities that will help make an exciting meeting experience full of team work.
Activities include: Mountain Trail Hikes, Fire Pit Wind Down, Lawn Games, Disc Golf, Playing with Sharp Objects, and much more.
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5. Boost Morale

Just about every industry that took a hit during 2020 entered survival mode; meaning number crunching to ensure they stay afloat. Although many companies might still be in this boat, more employers are recognizing it’s time to invest to ensure a stable future. 
Given the mass layoffs as well as the hiring shortage in certain industries, both employers and employees are struggling through these times. COVID circumstances put many companies back into a position where they had to ask a lot from their employees. These businesses are now trying to pay it back by investing in their employee’s morale. 
Even if COVID protocols aren’t completely diminished, finally getting out of the four walls on the boss’s dime can give employees the morale boost they need. Getting some time away from the office and demanding deadlines can actually increase motivation and keep production high. Many companies incorporate employee recognition during these retreats to ensure their employees feel supported and acknowledged for all they do.

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