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How to Plan a Ski Trip on a Budget

Ski trips are a family-favorite vacation during the winter months. Moms and dads love to escape to a winter wonderland and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery, delicious dining, and relaxing atmosphere of a mountain getaway. Kids love playing in the snow and shredding up the slopes. Whether it’s a family getaway or friends’ trip, the allure of a ski vacation can capture anyone.
With the ever-changing ski industry, there are cool new enhancements to experience, but the enjoyment comes at higher prices. Ski gear and equipment can be pricey, and lift tickets and passes are climbing even higher. When planning a ski trip, budgeting for on-hill needs, or booking accommodations and transportation, an affordable ski trip can seem hard to come by. But there are ways to plan a ski trip on a budget, here are some tips for planning both a fun and affordable ski vacation.

1. Visit a Ski Resort Near Major Cities

The first thing when searching for an affordable ski vacation is to check out resorts near your closest major city.
Even if you don’t live in the mountains, finding the nearest ski mountain can cut costs if you can drive. Flying takes up a lot of time and money, plus you have to pay additional fees to ship your gear. And don’t think about the extra stress if your gear doesn’t arrive with you (we’ve all been there).
Bear Creek is just a short drive from Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. The resort has an on-site hotel with dining options. Having everything you need in one place can make planning that much easier. Just pack the car and go!

2. Choose a Lesser-Known Ski Resort

Small ski resorts are a thing of the past. Well, not quite, but there has been a massive wave of ski industry giants buying up smaller mountains. Although they provide unparalleled access to a variety of resorts with all the frills, the costs of these buy-outs don’t always benefit the consumer.
More of anything normally comes with a price. The big-name, touristy resorts are more expensive than smaller ones, such as Bear Creek. Searching out the privately-owned, smaller resorts can offer you a pretty cheap ski vacation compared to other resorts. These lesser-known resorts might have less frills than the big guys, but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide an awesome winter ski experience.

3. Ski During the Week

If you want to save even more money, take a look at any ski deals that a resort might offer for mid-week skiing. At almost every resort, week-day skiing is way cheaper than weekend skiing.
Another perk is ski resorts are less crowded mid-week, so visitors will get more time on the slopes and less time waiting in the lift line. This might require you to take some time off work, but the quiet slopes and money saved is totally worth it!
Check out Bear Creek’s Midweek Ski & Stay package for the season’s best week-day deals for overnight guests.


4. Seek Out Ski Vacation Packages

Many resorts offer ski vacation packages which can slash costs dramatically. Resorts want guests to lodge with them, so there are a lot of enticing price points when it comes to booking lodging. Near-by hotels might have lower starting rates, but any packages offered through the resort that bundle lodging and lift tickets may actually save you the most money.
Some hotels and lodges might even partner with local resorts, so be sure to ask if they can provide you with any lift ticket deals. A lot of these partnerships aren’t very well advertised, so it’s worth taking the time to make a few calls to snag some savings.
Check out Bear Creek’s affordable ski vacation packages for any overnight deals that include lift tickets or rental equipment.

5. Look for Other Ski Deals and Discounts

You will find that many ski resorts also offer discounts to specific guests as a way of marketing themselves an affordable ski resort. This can help ski resorts reach a broader market, or help support their local community. Such offerings include cheaper tickets for certain professions or family sizes. Ski resorts want everyone to enjoy winter sports, so it’s not hard to snag some good deals if you do some simple web searching.
Ski areas that provide daily deals get categorized as “cheap ski resorts” but this doesn’t mean they lack in providing a less-than-stellar experience. If you hear this about your local resort, don’t brush them off right away. They might have less vertical and fewer frills, but that doesn’t mean your winter getaway will be any less fun. Bear Creek, like most privately-owned resorts, wants to get the community involved in winter sports, so they strive to make it as affordable as possible.
Bear Creek is a major community supporter by offering cheaper lift ticket prices for military, first responders, and college students. We also offer a 15% discount on season passes for families.

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Bear Creek is a perfect option for anyone looking for deals on ski resort lodging, lift tickets or season passes. The resort is just a short drive from major metropolitan areas such as New York, Philadelphia, and D.C. It has everything you need for a stellar ski trip right on premise; lodging, three on-site restaurants, a full-service day spa, 22 trails of skiing and riding, plus a 10-lane snow tubing park! Bear Creek makes a perfect family getaway by offering lessons and equipment rentals for those who are new to winter sports.
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