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Blog at Bear Creek

The Pursuit of Paradise

Rossignol’s entry-level ski every novice should try.
When it comes to beginner skis, technology has come a long way. Skiing wasn’t always the easiest sport to learn, but thanks to the piste pioneers, it is much more fun for beginners. Rossignol’s 2018/2019 P100 novice alpine ski was new to the Bear Creek rental fleet this December. Over the past three months, many first-time skiers came to Bear Creek and, unknowingly, rented a worthy contender of “best beginner ski.”
Rossignol Pursuit 100/200 Ski
Level: beginner/intermediate
Terrain Type: piste (groomed)
Retail Price: $500
With modern advancements, skis now come in all different shapes and sizes. The rental P100s (or retail P200s) are far from your parents’ toothpicks in both aesthetics and functionality. A few features on this ski that have changed entry level skiing are the rocker and side cut. Both play an enormous role in assisting the skier when making turns.
Most skis have a camber, or upward curve in the middle of the ski. This provides that “pop” feeling and gives precision edge holding when turning. Cambered skis require a more advanced skill set to initiate turns, resulting in difficulty for beginners. To counter this, Rossignol has put a rocker to the ski tips. A rocker, or reverse-camber, is the exact opposite of a camber and gives a “float” feeling. The rocker shortens the distance between the ski’s contact points on the snow, which allows for easier turn initiation and more maneuverability. Rocker skis are normally reserved for powder skiing, however the combination of these two technologies on the Rossignol P100 makes for one killer beginner ski. (see TIP ROCKER image).

The side cut is another feature that provides ample assistance when learning to turn. The side cut is the extent to which the ski’s waist is narrower than the ends. This parabolic shape effects the turning radius. A deeper side cut means a smaller turning radius, which translates to giving the skier the ability to turn more easily and control their speed. This deep side cut is standard on beginner skis; however, the P100 comes with an oversized side cut. The tail on the Rossignol P100 is flat which takes home the trophy for providing stability. This type of tail gives you phenomenal grip and control.

The core material is also important; however, a light weight wood is generally what you will find across the board in the beginner ski fleet. Naturally, the P100 has been designed using such material, which creates “the perfect blend of float and flex” (On The Snow). The flex is rated at medium soft, which allows the skis to absorb the bumps, and it requires less power for turning. Lighter skis are easier to maneuver, hence why they are a great choice for beginner skis.
The Rossignol Pursuit 100 skis were a well-received item coming out of the rental shop this year largely due to the ease of turn initiation provided by the rocker and the deep side cut. Beginners should keep these two terms in mind if looking to purchase thier first pair of skis. Rossignol will continue putting efforts in developing skis that are catered to the novice level for the 19/20 winter season, making skiing a sacred experience even for the first-timers.