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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00

Making May Memorable

Written by

April seemed like it passed in a flash.   I am sure May will do the same. Spring is in full bloom and summer is right on the doorstep, but May is a month to savor. A few really great things happen in the month of May every year. The first thing is Mother’s Day.   This is a great opportunity to honor mom’s everywhere. Personally, I always take my mom out to dinner. Rather than physical gifts, she enjoys spending time together over a good meal with a good atmosphere.   No matter what choice you make, make sure you enjoy every moment with your mom this year.  

Aside from Mother’s Day, May is the kickoff to the summer season. The unofficial start occurs later this month when Memorial Day arrives. Memorial Day is a chance to say thank you to all of those who have served this country. It also is an opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

May at Bear Creek is the beginning of Music under the Stars. The outdoor concert series returns May 25th, this year with upgraded lighting on the deck that will make the atmosphere even more special. Margarita Mondays continues with half-priced margarita throughout the entire month. The weather is warming up, making this promotion even better in May. Finally, Bear Creek will debut a new event this month on May 21st with the Artisan Craft Festival. This event brings handmade products from around the region to Bear Creek for a fun day of sampling, shopping, and snacking.

Enjoy all the things that May brings.   Most importantly, make sure to take a few moments this month to say thanks to all the mothers out there as well as all of those who have served this country.

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Monday, 03 April 2017 00:00

New Beginnings

Written by

What a winter season! It was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, punctuated with a March snowstorm that rivaled the blizzard of 1993. Luckily we were able to provide 91 days of winter sports this year and look forward to a great ski season next year. With the departure of winter, we quickly turn towards warmer weather, flowers, and all the great things that spring has to offer. No matter how big of a winter sports fan you are, almost everyone enjoys getting back to grilling out, amusement parks, baseball, fishing, and all the great things that begin in spring.  Spring is a return to the yard, a return to the ballpark, a return to flowers, and a return to longer, warmer days.

At Bear Creek, spring signals the return of the Spring Wine Festival. This two-day event takes place on April 8th and 9th and features live music, food and craft vendors, as well as the region’s best wine. In addition, Margarita Mondays return on April 10th with half-priced margaritas. This great promotion will take place at the Trails End Café every Monday through the summer. If margaritas, Tex-Mex cuisine, and poolside dining appeal to you, don’t miss this promotion.   April is also Buy-One, Get-One month at The Grille for season pass holders. Show your season pass and get a complimentary entrée with the purchase of an entrée.

Have a happy and safe month of April. The weather is warming, trees are blooming, and there are a lot of great things ahead!

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

Operational Plan

Written by
I want to first begin this note by thanking all of our winter guests.  This season has been a season unlike any other in recent memory.  We had extended warm temperatures that reached nearly 80 degrees in February, as well as extended warmth in January, forcing winter sports to stop for 6 days.  After all of that, mother nature threw us a lifeline and we now have the season’s best conditions.  We have received many questions regarding our operational plans and they are as follows:
  • Beginning on Monday, March 20th, we will operate with abbreviated hours.  Monday, March 20th through Thursday March 23rd we will be open from 12pm-8pm with a $20 tubing session from 6-8pm.
  • Friday, March 24th we will operate from 12pm-10pm
  • Saturday March 25th we will be open from 8:30am-10pm
  • Sunday March 26th we will be open from 8:30am- 4pm. Closing for the 2016/17 season at 4pm. 
Thank You for all of your support! 
Friday, 03 March 2017 00:00

Marching Towards Spring

Written by

March is always a month of transition. It seems that this year the transition arrived weeks ahead of schedule.   The ski season has been trying for both our resort and our guests. We had very few stretches of consistent cold weather and snowmaking temperatures. We have tried our best to provide the winter sport activities, that so many love, with the hospitality and service level that we pride ourselves in delivering. We just want to pass along a huge thanks to all of our passionate winter guests and want to assure everyone that we will do everything in our power to finish out the 16/17 ski season as strong as possible. We have announced that snowmaking will return for the first weekend of March and we will stay open as long as we can provide safe, enjoyable conditions. Let’s hope that we can end the season on a high note and look forward to a great 17/18 winter.

Beyond our winter sports, the resort will continue to be in full swing. Spring Wine Festival arrives the weekend of April 8th and 9th. This event has become a real staple of our yearly calendar. Last year we saw over 3,000 guests during the two day event. The event features over 40 vendors, including area wineries, food vendors, craft vendors, and live entertainment. This is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Keep an eye out for the return of some other great promotions and events as well such as Margarita Mondays, Music Under the Stars, Half-Priced Sushi Wednesdays, and Sunday Night Jazz on the Deck. As the season changes, the excitement will remain at Bear Creek.   Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day and a wonderful month of March!

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 00:00

A Month to Love

Written by

February is upon us.  February is traditionally a month that has the best winter conditions of the year.  It is a month that allows us an opportunity to enjoy winter in its full glory.  February is also the home of Valentine’s Day as well as the top ski weekend of the year, Presidents Day Weekend.  As a child, I looked at February as the prime time for skiing.  I viewed it much the same way I viewed July for amusement parks and baseball.  It was the peak of the winter season. It was generally a month that was uninterrupted by warm ups, was a month when the snow had a deep base, and to top it all, a break from school was present right in the middle of the month.  By the time March arrives, my mind would start switching to spring, but this month was the prime month for winter.  I would often try to ski 15-20 times during the month of February, knowing it wouldn’t get any better than this for the ski season.  With any luck, we would get help from Mother Nature and the month would be complete.  Along with being a month to enjoy the sport you love, it’s also a time to share your love with others.  My advice would be to make time for both this month and enjoy the month thoroughly. 

At Bear Creek, February is a time of great excitement and great times.  It is the perfect month to book your winter vacation, with the prime winter month ahead.  In addition, we have live entertainment throughout the resort including music at The Grille on Tuesdays and a whole evening of entertainment at The Trails End every Saturday.   This season, mid-week is very affordable for college students, club members, military, and fire department employees with $22 all-day lift tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. 

This month is a short month that will go by fast.  Don’t miss out on everything it has to offer.  At a time when other businesses and locations are slow, Bear Creek is full of excitement.  Have a happy Valentine’s Day and Presidents Weekend.  


Jeff Zellner- Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 00:00

Winter Has Arrived

Written by



MHS 1027 2There is no denying that winter is a beautiful season with the sun glistening off the pristine snow, crystalline ice hanging delicately off the tree branches and the white color that is draped across every inch of where we live. It is unfortunate that those days are more of a memory than a reality, however, that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the activities associated with winter. With Pennsylvania’s ever-changing winter, seasonal favorites can be hard to maintain. Luckily, Bear Creek Mountain Resort is the perfect place to accommodate a variety of interests.

               If you are anything like me, an outdoor adventure enthusiast, the decreasing snow in this region can be a bummer. That means no more cross country skiing and fewer winter hikes through the woods. Fortunately, the slopes at Bear Creek provide a close and convenient outlet where I can still enjoy the alpine activities even when the conditions in my backyard aren’t favorable. For those of us who aren’t promoters of snow, this resort provides other year-round options to fight the winter blues. So, if you are going to stay indoors this season, try spending sometime at our dining facilities. Our café offers a variety of live music every Saturday starting at 4pm as well as trivia on Thursdays, while The Grille provides entertainment on Tuesdays from 6-9pm. If you live nearby, it is a great way to spend some quality time with great friends accompanied by great food, drinks and views any night of the week! If you don’t frequent the restaurants, Bear Creek also offers a place to rejuvenate and revitalize. The winter can be harsh on skin and hair, and after a long day of skiing, I could use all the help I can get. The Spa at Bear Creek is a wonderful place for any hair, skin or nail treatment you need with the friendliest staff available. After taking time to find my inner mountain-girl, it’s a perfect place to pamper myself with a massage. Winter is all about experiencing the seasonal fundamentals and there is no better ending to my adventurous day than to sit by the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate, enjoying the local festivities. So, no matter what your style is, there is something for everyone at Bear Creek Mountain Resort!

Yours Truly,

Arialle Hess

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 00:00

The Holidays on the Horizon!

Written by


Hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. Every year it feels like they show up sooner and sooner. As a parent of a 5 year old daughter named Ella, the holidays have brought additional challenges this year. As a child, I remember the craze over Cabbage Patch dolls. I remember waiting in long lines at the Lehigh Valley Mall waiting for the next available doll, which you could not choose. I also remember bouncing from store to store at places like Hess’s and Leh’s. Looking for that elusive toy. This year the toy of choice is Hatchimals. Now, instead of asking for a special toy, I am searching websites and stores at all hours of the night in hopes of delivering the home run of gifts this holiday season. As exhausting as the holidays can be, it is a time of year that offers so many great things.

At Bear Creek, the holidays provide a lot of special things to our guests. This year, we are offering holiday lunches in The Grille. These lunches are held in our beautiful restaurant, which will be decorated for the season, and are perfect for your office, or for you and some friends. If you can’t break away for lunch, try Holiday Happy Hour on Fridays from 5-7 featuring live holiday jazz. For the winter enthusiast, we have the 5 for 150 ticket pack, which is a great gift idea. The tickets are transferable, meaning that you can give them as individual gifts to 5 different people or to a single recipient. If you are like me and have trouble deciding on gifts, a Bear Creek gift card is a great option. Give this gift to a friend or loved-one that is looking for a great meal, relaxation at The Spa, a night away, or a fun day on the ski slopes.

Bear Creek would like to wish all of its guests and their families a happy and healthy holiday season. We are so grateful for all of your support throughout the year and are looking forward to sharing time together throughout 2017.   On a side note, if you find a Hatchimal before the holidays, I will pay cash!

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00

Not Your November of Old

Written by

November is upon us! When I began working at Bear Creek in 2005, November was a month that was stuck in between the upcoming ski season and remnants of our summer operations. At that time, Bear Creek only had 53 rooms and really only operated a single ballroom space for most of the year.   There was no Spa, no Trails End Café, and The Grille was only a fraction of the size that you see today. November was a wait and see month. It was a month to hope for the best for the upcoming winter and hopefully drive some excitement through the anticipation of ski season. As an avid skier of many years, this was the time of year that I would take my annual pre-season trip to the ski resort to get my pass picture taken. It was also the time I would call in to an 800 number to listen for snowmaking updates on any cold night. I realize this ages my story, but it shows the anticipation building for the winter season. Upon arriving at the resort, it looked quiet and calm. There was no action and felt like it was a pure waiting game, it felt like visiting a baseball field or amusement park in March, nothing but waiting, anticipation, and quiet.

Things have changed at Bear Creek since 2005 and certainly since the 1990’s, when I would drive to get my pass picture. The month of November still has the excitement of years past, but it also has a lot going on. The wedding season is running strong through November as brides and grooms will share their perfect day at Bear Creek. The Grille has great specials throughout the month, including Half-Priced Sushi on Wednesdays, Prime Rib Fridays, and the very popular Thanksgiving Buffet.   The Spa is hosting the second Sangria at Sunset, featuring Apple Cider Sangria on November 16th. The Hotel is offering great fall getaway packages, perfect for a couples escape. In addition, for the winter enthusiast, we are offer an exciting new product, the 5 for 150 ticket pack. This is limited time only and will get you 5 lift tickets for 150 dollars. They can be exchanged, gifted, or as I would have done, used for myself. This is a great option for holiday gifts and busy skiers or riders with the need for flexibility.

November is not what it once was, and thank goodness for that!   It has become an exciting time at the resort, having little resemblance to 2005. It now incorporates all the excitement of years past with the action of an active, vibrate resort.   Enjoy all that the month of November offers, including the beginning of the holiday season, and we hope to be in your plans during this great month.

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager- Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 00:00

October Arrives!

Written by

Well…October is officially here at Bear Creek. The summer is over and the leaves are just beginning to show us signs that winter is on the way. October has always been a transitional MHS 2945month.   It is a time where we can still enjoy some of the benefits of summer, like warm days, but also enjoy the cooler evening air. It is definitely the month that offers some of the most beautiful sights at the resort. October has become a highly sought after month for weddings and corporate events, and leisure guests. The mountain scenery begins so show a great deal of character, and guests want to be a part of the beauty. In addition, the ambiance of our resort lends itself perfectly towards the fall season. Many guests enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in front of one of our fireplaces. Others, stop by The Grille for a pumpkin flavored beer along with an excellent dinner. There are a number of ways to enjoy the fall season at Bear Creek, all of which will offer a unique experience.

                If you have not had the chance to see Bear Creek during the fall season, try visiting us for Harvest Wine Festival on October 23rd. This event has been a highlight of our events calendar and features over 20 wineries. In addition, the event will feature craft vendors, food vendors, and live jazz music. All of this will create the perfect fall Sunday at the resort.   Also, we have half-priced sushi continuing through the month of October in The Grille. If you haven’t tried it, you must!   Skiers and boarders, don’t forget to buy your season pass early. Early-bird pricing expires on October 31st.

                Make sure you take some time to enjoy all of the great sights that the month of October offers. Enjoy the cool evenings, warm days, fall foliage, serious baseball, trick or treating, and everything else that makes it a great month. We hope you share some of it with us.

Jeff Zellner

Marketing & Public Relations Manager- Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 00:00

On the Doorstep of Fall

Written by

With the welcoming of September, we welcome back some familiar things. This is the very beginning of the fall season. The days begin to shorten, and the weather begins to provide a little more comfort from the late-summer heat. Also, during my youth, this would be the time I had my first thoughts of the winter season. Usually it took a night or two below 50 degrees to move my mind from baseball, beaches, and amusement parks to the thoughts of hitting the slopes. This is also the month where we welcome in a new school year, start a new football season, and enjoy a DSC00047 Website Sizedslew of outdoor festivals.

At Bear Creek, September is a very busy month. Brides and grooms will fill our outstanding property for perfect fall weddings. Skiers and snowboarders will get the first glimpse of the winter of 2016/2017 with season passes going on sale and the Winter Brochure release. Festival goers will begin the Oktoberfest season on September 18th, with free admission this year. And best of all, is that the month of September still offers some of the best aspects of summer. Music Under the Stars is back for 3 more weeks, concluding on September 15th.   Furthermore, we will continue to have live jazz music on Sunday nights with great dinner specials. All of this creates a very exciting start to the fall season and a fitting farewell to what was a great summer at Bear Creek.

We hope to enjoy this new beginning with everyone, take some time and enjoy all the month has to offer. We wish you all a happy September!


Jeff Zellner- Public Relations Manager at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.



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