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Spring Skiing Pros and Cons

Blog at Bear Creek Skiing is a winter activity, however, it can leak into early spring. If you are lucky enough to live near a mountain resort that is open during this time of year, you are probably aware of the effect the change of seasons has on this sport.  At Bear Creek, “spring” skiing typically […]

Wedding Venue Booking Guide

Blog at Bear Creek Wedding planning can be fun and exciting, but the decision making can be overwhelming. Perhaps the biggest decision is choosing the right venue. Viewing the venue is a must, but there is also other key information you should gather before making your decision. The first step is setting up a site tour. […]

How to Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Blog at Bear Creek With the change of seasons comes change of activities, but there’s one thing you can enjoy year-round; a spa day. Bear Creek Mountain Resort has an on-site spa that operates year-round. Whether you need a relaxing retreat, or just want a fresh look, The Spa at Bear Creek is a great spot for a […]

Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Retreat

Blog at Bear Creek A corporate retreat can be of immense value to your team, especially given all the ups and downs over the past year and counting. Because some jobs descriptions and work life have undergone permanent changes, there has been a shift in thinking about in-person company retreats. Imagine this: you’re in charge of a company, […]

Planning Your Winter Vacation to Bear Creek

Blog at Bear Creek Winter is fast approaching, so if you get stuck in the seasonal depression trap, we got just the cure. Finding outdoor activities in the winter is a great way to fight seasonal depression. To help fight the winter blues, why not book a getaway? If you’re itching for a way out of […]

How to Help Soreness After Skiing

Blog at Bear Creek It’s not uncommon for skiers and snowboarders to experience muscle pain after spending the day on the slopes. Whether beginner or expert, you can find yourself sore in muscles you didn’t even know you had. There’s a lot you can do to prevent unwanted soreness, but the fact is most of […]

Things to do this Summer at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Blog at Bear Creek 11/06/2021 As the warm weather starts to settle in, summer events in PA are starting to fill up people’s planners once again. With plenty of outdoor space for activities, Bear Creek is excited to invite guests onto its property to experience some of the newest attractions. So, if you’re looking for […]

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Summer Vacation Itinerary

Blog at Bear Creek Peaceful mountain scenery, culture and music festivals, amusement parks, and tons of outdoor activities are just some of the reasons Bear Creek Mountain Resort makes a great vacation destination in eastern Pennsylvania. Located on the outskirts of Macungie, the resort is just a short drive from all the activities in both […]

How to Plan a Ski Trip on a Budget

Blog at Bear Creek Ski trips are a family-favorite vacation during the winter months. Moms and dads love to escape to a winter wonderland and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery, delicious dining, and relaxing atmosphere of a mountain getaway. Kids love playing in the snow and shredding up the slopes. Whether it’s a family getaway […]

Should I Buy or Rent Skis

Blog at Bear Creek Many people are looking to get outside this winter. When Googling for things to do, skiing and snowboarding have bombarded the search engine results, causing an influx of newbies out on the mountain. If this was you this past December, we are super excited to welcome you to the world of […]