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The Sun Setting on Summer

Jeff Zellner

August is upon us.   Which means the clock is ticking on the summer of 2017.  It’s the time of year to make sure you checked off all the items on the summer wish list.  As a child, I had my own checklist every year that I wanted to fulfill.  For me, it was going to at least one baseball game, getting my fill of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, getting to the beach at least once, and making sure I went fishing a few times.  Today, the list has changed quite a bit with my family being the focus of my efforts.  Every year, I still make the summer check list for the kids.  We try to go fishing, go to Dorney, go to the beach, and check out Knoebels and Hershey if we can.   I also try to make sure I can enjoy some outdoor dining, and some great summer festivals, which leads us to August at Bear Creek.
August at Bear Creek is a very busy month filled with a lot of great events and activities.  This is a jam-packed month that will give an ample supply of activities that can fill your summer wish list.  Music under the Stars takes place every Thursday night throughout the month of August.  In addition, Sunday Night Jazz takes place every Sunday, featuring live jazz and great dinner specials.  On Mondays, we have Margarita Mondays with ½ priced margaritas as well as Monday Night Yoga.  This month is the return of Cheese & Garlic Festival.  The event takes place on August 20th from 12-5pm.  This event will be held indoors and outdoors and features cheese, garlic, wine, beer, food, and craft vendors and is sure to be a great time.  
Enjoy the last full month of summer and make sure your checklist is filled.  Have a great month of August!

Jeff Zellner
Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Bear Creek Mountain Resort