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Friday, 04 October 2013 13:54

Planning for the 4 Course Wine Dinner.

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This week I had the opportunity to go to a Ste Michelle wine tasting at Sbraga in Philly.  Kevin Sbraga, the season 7 winner of Top Chef, opened this wonderful little restaurant about 4 months ago, and they played host to the event.  As an event planner here at Bear Creek we are also working on our own wine dinner that will be held on April 13th the night before our Spring Wine & Food Festival. So I wanted to experience what an established wine company did for their event. 

I had not been to Sbraga before so I was excited to try his cooking.  Our Executive Chef, Michael Greenstein, accompanied me on this outing and when we arrived we staked out some prime seats at the counter over looking the display kitchen.  The restaurant is small, it seats just 65, but it is on a prime corner of Broad Street and is full of light and has a beautiful interior.  The first course was a seafood dish and the broth was just divine, course two was rabbit served on bread pudding with lentils, dates and Brussels sprouts.  I have to admit I would never order this and I have never had rabbit, but in Chef Sbraga’s hands it was a wonderful juxtaposition of flavors with the juicy meat, the dense bread pudding and the savory lentils peppered with sweet dates, this is one dish I will go back for!  The rest of the courses were just as lovely and we had a chance to really taste the west coast wines both by themselves and paired with foods.  What a wonderful way to spend a day getting to try new and wonderful dished and wines! 

This is the same feeling I want for our guests at our wine dinner and  I hope that everyone who gets a chance will join us at the resort on April 13th.  The theme?  France vs. Italy:  A side by side comparison of 4 regions.  For a full menu listing of the Bear Creek Wine Dinner, click here.

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:53

Thanks for the great season!

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Thanks for the support this season.  The weather was not in our favor for most of the season, but we tried to make the best of it. We made snow at every opportunity including the Friday evening before our closing weekend.
The weather was perfect for our Spring Fling Weekend. Saturday morning I arrived at work and the snow guns were starting to shut off and the sun was shining. What a beautiful blue bird morning to get some of your last runs in. At 9am the cardboard sleds started rolling in to registration for the Cardboard Sled Race. At noon the races began, there was everything from a “box” to a Dog. The races were all super close but finally the champions from last year pulled ahead and once again were deemed the winners. The day ended with live music on the deck from Trouble City All-Stars.
On Sunday it was once again a chilly but sunny morning. The Mountain Ops. team was pulling ice out of our pond in anticipation for our annual Pond skimming event. At noon all 88 participants made their way up to the start. One after another each participant tried to skim across the pond in all sorts of costumes while being taunted by our two announcers. Out of the 88 participants only 3 made it the entire length of the pond.  The day ended with live music from Born Cross-Eyed and drink specials at the Tike Bar.
Thanks everyone who came out this season and made the best of it. We look forward to seeing you throughout the spring, summer and fall! There is a whole calendar of upcoming events, don’t miss the Spring Wine & Food Festival, or one of our many mountain bike events.
Friday, 04 October 2013 13:53

$15 Lift Tickets & Fresh Snow!

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Our snowmakers have been hard at work the past two nights. to celebrate our fresh snow conditions- we will be offering $15 LIFT TICKETS Tuesday 3/6 through Friday 3/9.

Do you want even more of a reason to enjoy to the slopes? How about a free Bear Creek Jacket? Bear Creek will be offering another check-in special. You're eyes aren't lying, it's true, all you have to do is to check-in to either the Bear Creek Mountain Resort fan page or the Bear Creek Foursquare page and you will receive a Bear Creek Karbon jacket.

It’s super easy to redeem this offer, check-in to the Facebook page or the Foursquare page, show your check-in to the Guest Service employee, and you will receive a free Bear Creek Karbon Jacket.

Sorry, this offer isn’t valid with any other coupon or discount. One jacket per guest. Sizes and jackets are limited.

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:52

The Showdown Series

Written by

This past Sunday Bear Creek hosted a slope style competition. This was the Final competition in The Showdown Series. It was the perfect day for a competition. The snowmakers were hard at work all night blanketing the resort in fresh snow, the groomers built a great set-up for the competition and the sun was out. It was the perfect blue bird day.

There were over 80 competitors, trying their hardest to make it to the finals. There were some incredible tricks thrown through out day, I am sure it was hard for the Judges to choose who would move onto the finals. In the end of the day they finally had the top 5 for each division and the Over All Series winners.

Top finishers were awarded prizes by Flow Snowboards, Sessions, Armada, Rockstar, The Ski Bum, Hestra, Contour, BC ironworks, Arbor and Atomic. There was $3000 in cash and prizes awarded to the series champions for each division. Everyone was excited during the awards to see what they may receive.

The Showdown Series was excellent. You could see the progression of the riders from the first event to the last. Everybody was trying so hard, but most importantly they were out there having fun and competing against others with similar interests. I would encourage anyone to watch these events or if you’re up to it, even compete.

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:51

It's not as easy at it looks.

Written by

Last week Bear Creek hosted the Showdown: Rail Jam, a hike park style competition where skiers and boarders hike the park and try to hit as many tricks as they can in the allotted time.  For a resort just 50 minutes from Philly we had an impressive turn out!  On Monday as I sat in the office asking how the event went I was thrilled to hear that the mini groms put on quite a show out there.  Inspired by the “Mini Groms” I decided that I need to try this too.  I mean how hard can it be to go up a little incline and place my skis on a metal rail about 12 inches wide, glide over it and drop off.  RIGHT…that does sound easy…I know.  So little did I know you don’t really glide that well and my skis stuck and I kept moving forward.  I personally thought my face plant was pretty impressive!  Nailed that landing!!!! 

So needless to say when I watch these kids do the rails with less than X-Game jaw dropping tricks in the past I was unimpressed.  With my new found respect for the rails, I have a whole new level of appreciation for the skills, training and time on the mountain it takes to really learn how to make something this difficult look easy.  As a coach I tell my girls that it is not the big fancy tricks that win a game but consistently working on the basics and doing it well is the only way to master any sport.  My hat goes off to all the “Park Rats” that spend their time working the rails, hiking the mountain and making the basic moves look effortless.  I applaud your dedication to your sport and wish you all the best!

I also want to put out a big thanks to Tom Lyons and the rest of BC ironworks that work so hard to make our park a fun and safe environment.  Great job guys!

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:50

Why Aren't You Riding? Would a $15 Ticket Help?

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There are plenty of reasons to get out there and ride. Bear Creek is 100% open and the conditions are great. Last night I was able to ride for a bit, conditions were great even though it was such a warm weekend. I mostly stayed over on the “F” chair, but also took a few shorts laps in the Black Bear Park. All of the features were maintained well for the amount of abuse they took all day.  Shortly after closing the snowguns slowly began turning on. Overnight the snowmakers covered the whole mountain in a fresh blanket of snow.

Need more convincing? Tomorrow February 7 Bear Creek will be running a special for $15 lift tickets.

It’s super easy to redeem this offer, check-in to the Bear Creek Mountain Resort Facebook page or the Bear Creek Foursquare page, show your check-in to the Ticket employee, and you will receive your lift ticket for $15.

Let us know how your day went, leave a comment when you are done.

Sorry, this offer isn’t valid with any other coupon or discount. Valid on 2/7/12 only. One ticket per guest please.

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:49

Six More Weeks of Winter!

Written by

I love small furry creatures that predict the weather!  Especially when they predict six more weeks of winter.  It seemed like this was going to be the winter that never was, but a little rodent has come to proclaim that winter will arrive.  “As I look at the crowd on Gobbler’s Knob, many shadows do I see, so six more weeks of winter it must be!” ~Punxsutawney Phil 

A quick google search of the Farmer’s Almanac backs up Phil’s prediction, “Because of above normal temperatures, much of the precipitation will likely be rain or mixed precipitation, although, during February, some potent East Coast storms could leave heavy snow, albeit of a wet and slushy consistency.”

I can’t say that I can complain entirely about the warm weather.  I was out on the mountain on Monday night with my little one and we had a wonderful time wearing just a long sleeve shirt and vest.  The snow was spring like, soft, but surprisingly not slushy at all.  I only landed face first in the snow once when I tried to hit a rail in the Family Terrain Park (thankfully there are no cameras on that slope!) and I could still go out and ski some more because I was not wet at all.  I think it is pretty nice to have snow and warm nights to enjoy it.  There have been many times in the past that we took a few runs and were so cold that we called it a night.  I think we have to look at this winter as a gift, good snow and beautiful sunny days…we love blue bird days at Bear Creek!


Friday, 04 October 2013 13:49

Muscle Milk Snowboard Giveaway

Written by

Have you seen our Muscle Milk snowboard giveaway contest? If not, we are accepting entries through tomorrow at 5pm. All entries must be posted to our Facebook wall. Here are some details:

Wanna win this FREE snowboard?

Submit a photo that represents Muscle Milk and Bear Creek. All photos must be posted to our facebook page by Sunday 1/28 at 5pm.

We will choose and post our favorite 5 entries on Monday 1/31. Guests will have from Monday 1/30 at noon to Wednesday 2/1 at 4pm to vote on their favorite photo. The person who submitted the photo with the most facebook likes will win the snowboard.

In the event of a tie, both guest names will be put into a hat and one will be randomly selected.

Sorry, Bear Creek teammembers are not eligible for this promotion.

Don’t miss your chance to win!

Good Luck-

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:46

It's Wednesday!

Written by

Happy Wednesday, aka hump day! This means we are halfway to the weekend and one more day closer to 80’s Night, this Friday, and the Showdown Rail Jam, this Sunday!

We received some wonderful news on Tuesday -- we were voted ‘Best of Weddings’ by The Knot for 2012. This is the second consecutive year for this title and we cannot be more pleased. In my attempts to be modest without sounding too advertorial, I want to take a moment to talk about our wonderful banquet facilities and team.

If you didn’t know, our resort has over 26,000 square feet of flexible event space. We can accommodate corporate meetings, weddings, social events..etc. You name it, and we can host it. When you book your event at Bear Creek, you aren’t just getting the space for the day, you’re gaining access to our wonderful event planning and culinary teams. If you happen to be looking for a location to host your next event, consider Bear Creek!

That being said, it’s about that time to start voting for the ‘Best of…’ awards. I ask you to visit the Lehigh Valley Magazine website, click on Best of the Valley Poll in the main navigation and vote Bear Creek ‘Best of…’ in whatever sections that you feel apply.

Thanks for reading & happy voting

Friday, 04 October 2013 13:45

Safety Weekend Is 1-21-22

Written by

Bring on Safety Weekend!  I just read the scariest article in Ski Magazine, not only is La Nina bringing us unseasonably warm weather and very little snow, but she may also be responsible for other human winter ailments.  Note that the article also mentions that even Vail does not have snow this season, a small comfort when I know that if only it would get cold then the Bear Creek snowmakers could work their magic... I digress... the Ski Magazine article while not about Safety Weekend per say, it does have a scary take on the crummy winter weather.  La Nina could also be causing pandemic flu epidemics....see why this is scary!  Who knew that lack of cold weather causes "colds."  Wasn't it our mom’s that told us to bundle up or we would get sick?  This gives a whole new perspective to a fresh healthy blast of cold winter air.  Okay, enough already… La Nina and Mother Nature bring on the cold, we are ready.

  1. flu prevention is not part of Jan 21-22 Safety Weekend at Bear Creek, it is a great opportunity to learn more about safety on the slopes.  As a ski mom that typically hits the mountain with a pack of kids it is important to understand the importance of the new mountain safety.  I have no idea how to hit a rail safely and the kids are always begging to go to the terrain parks. We do so with trepidation because they are so little and there are just so many big kids out there. Safety Weekend will have several free clinicsthis weekend designed to educate guests about terrain park safety in the family terrain park. The terrain park guys will be out on the snow showing you what you need to know to hit the rails safely and how to get started with beginner jumps.  

One way Safety Weekend has changed my skiing habits forever is the retirement of my cool green hat; I now only wear a helmet when I am on the slopes and I don't think I would feel comfortable not wearing it.  It has become as much a part of my ski gear as my boots.  Have doubts you can find a helmet that comfortable and warm? If you answered yes, then stop by the Helmet Fitting Booth this weekend and let the staff of Slopeside Sports help you.  They can take measurements, make recommendations and even help you try helmets on.  Look for me on Saturday at the Helmet Decorating Fashion show, noon in the plaza, 'cause at Bear safety is fashionable!


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