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The Welcoming of 17-18 Winter Season

Jeff Zellner

December is upon us and winter is right around the corner.  Very soon, the slopes will be covered and the ski season will be in full swing.  It’s time to get your gear ready, your snow pants, hats, and gloves out and loosen up your legs.  This time of year has always had a great anticipation for the upcoming winter season.   To this day, the excitement level is high around the resort.  We have had a steady stream of guests getting their season passes, seasonal rentals, and stopping by SlopeSide Sports to purchase the latest winter gear.   There is much optimism that this winter will be one to remember.  Speaking of memorable winters,   I recently had a conversation about some great winters of the past, where we had long, outstanding ski seasons.   My first ski season with a season pass was the 1992-93 ski season.  The season was pretty average and things were winding down, when all of a sudden we received nearly 3 feet of snow in March, giving the season a finish that was completely unexpected.   I also remember the 1993-94 ski season, where it seemed that we had two or three storms a week, giving us great coverage and fresh snow all the way through March.   The 1995-96 ski season brought great conditions as well, giving me personally over 60 days of skiing, which frequent storms. Let’s hope the 17-18 winter season brings us a winter filled with snow and great conditions.  

This time of year is special in many ways.  We have the holidays upcoming, where we can reconnect with family and friends.  We have ski season right around the corner, where we can enjoy the sports we wait for all year long.  Most of all, we can look back at the year 2017 and be thankful for all the joy and companionship we received from our friends, family, and co-workers.  

Keep an eye out for an announcement regarding the beginning of snowmaking and opening day.  If the weather holds, we are looking to begin our snowmaking efforts on December 9th or 10th, with opening right around the corner.

From all of us at Bear Creek, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season. 


Jeff Zellner


Marketing & Public Relations Manager