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How to Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Arialle Hess  
With the change of seasons comes change of activities, but there’s one thing you can enjoy year-round; a spa day.
Bear Creek Mountain Resort has an on-site spa that operates year-round. Whether you need a relaxing retreat, or just want a fresh look, The Spa at Bear Creek is a great spot for a spa day.
The resort’s full-service spa not only provides its guests with high-quality services, but also comfy robes, and lite fare with drinks to enhance the experience. (Unfortunately due to COVID, food and beverages will not be provided at this time)
The resort also allows its guests to utilize additional amenities while on the premise. Treating yourself to a spa day at Bear Creek is an unmatched experience. If you want to relax, revive, and rejuvenate to the fullest, look no further.


What do you do on a spa day? The Spa at Bear Creek has an extensive list of treatments and services; giving you just about everything you need to pamper yourself. (Some services may not be available due to COVID restrictions)
Aside from the regular menu, The Spa also posts monthly specials on the website. When planning a spa day, check to see if any of your favorite products or services are discounted that month. If you’re looking for a mini getaway, the resort also offers hotel packages that include spa treatments.


The Spa at Bear Creek offers massages in either 50- or 80-minute sessions. Among the favorites are Himalayan Salt treatment, CBD massages, and Lomi Lomi – an ancient Hawaiian technique. 
In addition to the traditional types of massages, The Spa also has massage therapists that are certified in pregnancy massages, Bamboo-Fusion®, and reflexology – an ancient Chinese technique.
If you are looking for a relaxing date night, book a couples massage and make reservations at The Grille for a romantic dinner.

Body Treatments

The Spa’s body treatments consists of scrubs and wraps. Each service includes aroma therapy and dry brushing to help stimulate blood circulation.
  • The cream-based exfoliation of the Body Buffing Polish scrub will boost cell renewal; leaving your skin smooth and soft. (50-minute service)
  • After the cold winter months, the Luxury Hydrating wrap is a must-have. This rich balm is thirsty skin’s best friend. (80-minute service)
  • Invigorating ingredients such as coffee & sea kelp have anti-cellulite properties with detoxifying effects. These benefits are available in your choice of a scrub or wrap.
Make your day of relaxation customizable by creating your own experience. You can mix and match massages with facials, mani/pedis with scrubs, and much more.


Beautiful, healthy skin starts with the face. Currently, The Spa is offering three types of facials; The Bear Creek Facial, Men’s Defense, and Anti-Aging. Each service is …

Wedding Venue Booking Guide

Arialle Hess  

Wedding planning can be fun and exciting, but the decision making can be overwhelming.

Perhaps the biggest decision is choosing the right venue. Viewing the venue is a must, but there is also other key information you should gather before making your decision.

The first step is setting up a site tour. On the site tour you should not only visualize your big day, but also take note of all the venue has to offer to see if it can meet your needs and fit your budget.

This guide will take you step by step and help you to book a wedding venue that checks all the boxes.

Booking a Tour: How to get started

Scheduling a wedding site tour is quick and easy. Most venues are listed on major wedding websites, or they can be contacted using their business website.

The Bear Creek Wedding Sales team can be contacted via the website contact form, The Knot, Wedding Wire, or by calling the resort at 610-682-7100.

Once you contact Bear Creek to schedule a tour, the staff will respond within 24 hours and electronically send you a wedding package. This provides you with a general overview of the banquet space and costs.

Preparing for the tour

If the venue does give you any information prior to your tour, it is vital to look it over thoroughly; preparing any vital questions you may have.

The main purpose of the tour is to take in the aesthetics, so you want to make sure you have all key questions and concerns already thought out and written down.

Tip: Book a weekend tour if possible. This allows you to see other setups live. Bear Creek operates year-round and ski lodges convert into elegant ballrooms. See the beautiful transformation for your own eyes.

Taking a Tour: What to note while viewing the venue

Most venues are allowing in-person site tours now. Virtual site tours are just as valuable but physically putting yourself in the space will help you be able to visualize your big day.

At Bear Creek tours are about 1.5 hours where you will see each space as well as meet your coordinator, who will be assisting you all the way up to your special day.


Viewing Reception Rooms

Taking note of ballroom capacity ensures there is enough room for not only your guest count, but additional items you may want to add such as a candy bar, dessert station, or photo booth.

Bear Creek has three ballrooms that can accommodate various size functions. Even if you are still in the planning stages, it’s worth mentioning to the coordinator any extra space that might be needed; they have worked with enough room layouts to provide you with valuable feedback.

Most venues also keep photo books on hand from previous weddings. Ask your coordinator to look through them. They may help refine an existing idea, or even spark a new one.

Tip: Take note of the venue’s natural décor. Many venues already have a certain aesthetic and feel to them. Keeping your wedding dé …

Spring Skiing Pros and Cons

Arialle Hess  
Skiing is a winter activity, however, it can leak into early spring. If you are lucky enough to live near a mountain resort that is open during this time of year, you are probably aware of the effect the change of seasons has on this sport. 
At Bear Creek, “spring” skiing typically starts in the beginning of March and continues until the snow is gone. With continuous snowmaking from the Mountain Operations team all winter long, the snow on the slopes lasts longer than what’s in your backyard. So, even though your street is clear and the birds are chirping, don’t forget there are still plenty of turns to be made on the mountain.
Skiers and snowboarders have mixed feelings about spring skiing. Those for and against have reputable arguments, but at the end of the day most skiers and riders will enjoy whatever is left of winter. 
We encourage all guests to come out and experience spring skiing in PA and decide for yourself!

Weather Conditions

PROS: Warmer weather allows for less layers. The time for bundling up is finally over. It’s a wonderful feeling when you don’t have to worry about freezing fingers and your toes going numb after a few runs. Get out and enjoy those warm sunny days!
Another pro is a late-season snow storm. Although the rising temps normally yield rain, there is always one that takes us by surprise. All winter enthusiasts secretly hope for one last dumping of snow to coat the slopes.
CONS: Possible rain; the one thing every winter enthusiast dreads to see in the forecast. With the temps on the rise, any precipitation will most likely be liquid. Although most resorts do operate in the rain, it definitely doesn’t make the Top 10 Best Ski Days.

Slope Conditions

PROS: Soft snow makes turning easier. The first half of the day provides skiers and riders with optimal conditions.
Before the sun starts beaming, the soft snow makes digging in your edges easy and carving super fun, but it’s still firm enough that your skis glide; giving you all the confidence to make you feel like an expert skier.
Another pro is it doesn’t …

Planning Your Winter Vacation to Bear Creek

Arialle Hess  
Winter is fast approaching, so if you get stuck in the seasonal depression trap, we got just the cure.
Finding outdoor activities in the winter is a great way to fight seasonal depression. To help fight the winter blues, why not book a getaway? If you’re itching for a way out of the dark and cold, Bear Creek should be your winter vacation destination.
With plenty of natural and man-made snow, the slopes at Bear Creek are groomed and ready for shredding all day long. Whether you want to ski, ride, or snow tube, hotel guests can take advantage of all the resort offerings.
There is still time for a winter getaway and the popular Midweek Ski & Stay hotel package is still available. It’s the resort’s best-selling package because it helps you get the most out of your winter experience.
executive suite hotel room

It’s All Inclusive

The Midweek Ski & Stay package is a bundled deal. The package includes an overnight stay, 2 extended day lift tickets for day of arrival, and 2 extended day lift tickets for following day.
Hotel guests who have booked this package don’t have to worry about pre-purchasing tickets online before they sell out. Your tickets are set aside and ready for pick up upon your arrival. 
*Cost based upon room type.
rental skis and boots

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

As part of the package, hotel guests also receive 40% off rental equipment if needed. This includes skis, poles, snowboards, boots and helmets. Any winter sports items that you need can be purchased upon arrival at the hotel front desk; no online pre-purchase necessary.
If you prefer to take a lesson before hitting the slopes, our hotel will directly contact the Snowsports School to help get you set up. The snowsports school offers discounted lessons for hotel guests and are available for ages 8 and up.
Although the package is based upon double occupancy, Bear Creek can make adjustments to the amount of guests arriving. It’s only $69 to add an extra guest onto the package, and children 5 and under are FREE!
If your legs need a rest day, hotel guests have access to snow tubing for an additional cost. Tickets for snow tubing are also available at the hotel front desk; no online pre-purchase necessary.

Should I Buy or Rent Skis

Arialle Hess  
Many people are looking to get outside this winter. When Googling for things to do, skiing and snowboarding have bombarded the search engine results, causing an influx of newbies out on the mountain. If this was you this past December, we are super excited to welcome you to the world of winter sports and we want to make sure you are fully knowledgeable about skiing before diving in head first.
We know winter sports can be expensive, so understanding your options will give you a great foundation for the decision making process.
Even if you are not a complete newbie, making that first ski purchase can be daunting, especially for Eastern PA folks who live amongst smaller mountains that now experience temperate winters. There’s always a fine line between renting and buying, so we have compiled a list of factors that you should take into consideration before making your decision. Take a look at the pros and cons for each to see if you should buy or rent your skis.
top down view of skis

Cost of Buying vs Renting Skis

Assuming you are hooked on skiing, start writing down how much it costs you to rent during a season and do some simple math. Skis are not cheap, but continuously renting can add up fast, too.
Cost was first on our list because it’s probably the biggest decision-making factor, although the impact varies from person to person depending on how much, or how little, you ski.
Renting for a few seasons is a good idea to save you money until you find the pair that speaks to your soul. Rental skis are tested and tuned constantly throughout the season, so you will not only be getting safe gear, but maintained gear as well. If you own, you are responsible for keeping up on all the maintenance, whether doing it yourself or scheduling an appointment at your local shop.
When buying your own skis, it's helpful to research ways to save. Below are some cost-saving tips for your first pair.
If you have a pair in mind that you know you would like to own (ie carving, moguls, park, etc), search for them in your size on third party sites such as These sites always have great deals, especially at the end of the season. If you can snag skis at a discounted rate, the …