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Whether you are searching for family-friendly things to do, wondering if you should buy or rent ski eqiupment, or looking for tips on wedding venues, our blogs cover a variety of topics and aim to provide the most accurate and comprehesive information.

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Planning Your Winter Vacation to Bear Creek

Arialle Hess  
Winter is fast approaching, so if you get stuck in the seasonal depression trap, we got just the cure.
Finding outdoor activities in the winter is a great way to fight seasonal depression. To help fight the winter blues, why not book a getaway? If you’re itching for a way out of the dark and cold, Bear Creek should be your winter vacation destination.
With plenty of natural and man-made snow, the slopes at Bear Creek are groomed and ready for shredding all day long. Whether you want to ski, ride, or snow tube, hotel guests can take advantage of all the resort offerings.
There is still time for a winter getaway and the popular Midweek Ski & Stay hotel package is still available. It’s the resort’s best-selling package because it helps you get the most out of your winter experience.
executive suite hotel room

It’s All Inclusive

The Midweek Ski & Stay package is a bundled deal. The package includes an overnight stay, 2 extended day lift tickets for day of arrival, and 2 extended day lift tickets for following day.
Hotel guests who have booked this package don’t have to worry about pre-purchasing tickets online before they sell out. Your tickets are set aside and ready for pick up upon your arrival. 
*Cost based upon room type.
rental skis and boots

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

As part of the package, hotel guests also receive 40% off rental equipment if needed. This includes skis, poles, snowboards, boots and helmets. Any winter sports items that you need can be purchased upon arrival at the hotel front desk; no online pre-purchase necessary.
If you prefer to take a lesson before hitting the slopes, our hotel will directly contact the Snowsports School to help get you set up. The snowsports school offers discounted lessons for hotel guests and are available for ages 8 and up.
Although the package is based upon double occupancy, Bear Creek can make adjustments to the amount of guests arriving. It’s only $69 to add an extra guest onto the package, and children 5 and under are FREE!
If your legs need a rest day, hotel guests have access to snow tubing for an additional cost. Tickets for snow tubing are also available at the hotel front desk; no online pre-purchase necessary.

Should I Buy or Rent Skis

Arialle Hess  
Many people are looking to get outside this winter. When Googling for things to do, skiing and snowboarding have bombarded the search engine results, causing an influx of newbies out on the mountain. If this was you this past December, we are super excited to welcome you to the world of winter sports and we want to make sure you are fully knowledgeable about skiing before diving in head first.
We know winter sports can be expensive, so understanding your options will give you a great foundation for the decision making process.
Even if you are not a complete newbie, making that first ski purchase can be daunting, especially for Eastern PA folks who live amongst smaller mountains that now experience temperate winters. There’s always a fine line between renting and buying, so we have compiled a list of factors that you should take into consideration before making your decision. Take a look at the pros and cons for each to see if you should buy or rent your skis.
top down view of skis

Cost of Buying vs Renting Skis

Assuming you are hooked on skiing, start writing down how much it costs you to rent during a season and do some simple math. Skis are not cheap, but continuously renting can add up fast, too.
Cost was first on our list because it’s probably the biggest decision-making factor, although the impact varies from person to person depending on how much, or how little, you ski.
Renting for a few seasons is a good idea to save you money until you find the pair that speaks to your soul. Rental skis are tested and tuned constantly throughout the season, so you will not only be getting safe gear, but maintained gear as well. If you own, you are responsible for keeping up on all the maintenance, whether doing it yourself or scheduling an appointment at your local shop.
When buying your own skis, it's helpful to research ways to save. Below are some cost-saving tips for your first pair.
If you have a pair in mind that you know you would like to own (ie carving, moguls, park, etc), search for them in your size on third party sites such as These sites always have great deals, especially at the end of the season. If you can snag skis at a discounted rate, the …

6 Reasons You Need Ski Lessons

Arialle Hess  
You may be wondering, "can I go skiing without lessons?" 
Well, the ski industry has made some incredible technological advancements when it comes to beginner skis. The new skis make learning so much easier and more fun, but that doesn’t mean you should skip taking a lesson. Learning to ski with your friends is definitely fun but a bit dangerous. Being self-taught can be confidence-building yet progression can plateau. But utilizing your local mountain’s ski school program is a very smart choice. Bear Creek is a small mountain that specializes in beginner-friendly terrain and staff; perfect for first-timers.
So, the answer to your question is a bit complicated. Luckily this blog can provide you with key information in helping you make your decision. The team has compiled a list of six reasons why your next visit should include a lesson with one of our pros. 
injured skier being helped by ski patrol

1. Safety

Skiing can be incredibly fun but also dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Safety is the number one concern for our guests while out on the slopes. You won’t have much fun if you sustain and injury while skiing. One way to ensure your safety is to take a lesson with a professionally trained instructor.
Learning how to ski doesn’t just mean connecting your turns. Instructors are tasked with making sure to teach you the necessary skill set to ski safely every time you hit the slopes. From riding the chair lift, to controlling your speed, there are many areas for potential accidents we want you to avoid.
At Bear Creek we hold ourselves accountable to two things, a Responsibility Code and Smart Style skiing. Both focus on being aware of your surroundings because you aren’t the only one having fun out there. Every first-timer gets the run-down upon their first lesson.
Those employed by Bear Creek’s Snowports School have won awards from the PSIA (Prof. Ski Instructors Assoc.) and AASI (American Assoc. of Snowboard Instructors). Having a group of very talented and certified instructors ensures you’re in good hands.

2. Injury Prevention

Accidents happen. They are unavoidable, especially when learning a new sport like skiing. Learning about your equipment and being comfortable in it can help keep you injury free.

10 Reasons to Purchase a Ski Season Pass

Arialle Hess  
Are you looking to get out and do something this year? Well, you don’t have to wait around for summer to arrive. What better way to get outside than by skiing or snowboarding?! Purchase a season pass and you can carve until your heart is content. If you are not sure whether you should purchase a season pass or stick to day-tickets, below is a list of 10 reasons purchasing a season pass definitely has its perks.

1. Best way to ensure you have access to the slopes

Due to COVID-19 state regulations, your ski trip experience may look a little different this year. Many ski resorts are limiting day-ticket sales, so buying a ski season pass is one way to make sure you can hit the slopes.

For the 20/21 season Bear Creek is not restricting access to season pass holders, nor requiring SPH to reserve their slope time. You can carve until your heart’s content.

skiers riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain

2. More flexibility in accessing the slopes

If you have already decided to purchase a pass, your next decision is “Which pass should I buy?” Bear Creek is offering two passes for the 20/21 ski season: a Value Pass and an Unlimited Loyalty Pass.

If you prefer having the freedom to come and go whenever your schedule allows, an Unlimited Pass is worth the extra money. Plus, you won’t feel cheated if a stellar storm rolls in on a blackout date.

However, a Value Pass is great for people who need a budget-friendly option. This pass is valid Monday-Friday, so you can still get in some turns after work.

3. It’s cost effective in the long run

A season pass is still significantly more expensive than a few day-tickets and might leave you wondering if a season ski pass is worth it.

If you ski on average of six times a season, a Bear Creek season pass is definitely worth it.

Bear Creek also offers discounted rates on season passes during the off-season, so you can shop smart and avoid paying full price.

The resort also offers payment plans to help disperse the cost, giving you the ability to manage your finances in a way that works best for you.

4. Fast track to the lift lines

Don’t get stuck in the ticket line the day after a snowstorm. With a season pass, you can jump out of your car and into the lift line.

Having a season pass helps avoid waiting in lines, giving you more time out on the slopes.

group of skiers skiing down a slope

Ski Maintenance - Secrets to long lasting equipment

Arialle Hess  
As skiing has gained popularity over the past decade, there are more options when it comes to equipment buying; however, it’s still pretty pricey. Learning how to care for your ski equipment is essential to prevent it from prematurely wearing out.
While most people will never have to worry about those minuscule variations in equipment that ski racers obsess over, the majority of skiers and riders could still benefit from proper care of equipment to increase its longevity, as well as give you a better experience. Below are a few tips to help you avoid unnecessary wear on your skis.

Keep Skis Away from Unnecessary Moisture

On a cold day, it’s common to toss snow-covered skis into the back of the car, but when the heater cranks, the skis are now laying in a puddle. We all know what happens to metal when it gets soaked, so you don’t want to botch up the perfectly personality-matching graphics with rusty edges.
Doing any type of routine maintenance that keeps the moisture off your skis when not in use is a big benefit. To help prevent rust follow these tips:
  • Get into the habit of brushing snow off of skis
  • Dry your skis with a soft cloth
  • In the offseason, store your equipment in a dry place

man waxing skis

Waxing Skis

Treat your ski equipment with respect and it will return the favor. 
Sealing your skis with a fresh coat of hot wax will give your equipment the TLC they really crave; and the more you do it, the better. Think …