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Ski Safety – How to reduce the risks of injury while skiing or riding

Arialle Hess  
There is always that same question you hear circulating around townies that never make it to the mountains. “Is skiing dangerous?” When I hear that, I internally respond with “well, is driving a car dangerous?” Your answer is subjective. Subjective to what you have experienced, what you have saw or heard on the news, and what you know and put into practice.
This article isn’t to argue a solid “yes” or “no”. The reality of recreational sports, as with driving a car, is that you will be subject to some risk. The goal is to educate yourself and implement slope safety procedures, thus reducing your risk to injury.
Ski Patrol might seem like fun suckers to teenage shredders, but they argue that you can have loads more fun when you aren’t in the patrol hut with a broken arm. Solid point. Each skier and rider is responsible for his or her own safety whether you are a novice or expert. Below are five ski and snowboard safety tips to keep at hand whenever you hit the slopes.
ski instructors during a lesson

Take a Lesson

If you are a beginner, a lesson is a great way to be safely introduced to skiing or riding.
Although you might just want to chase that giddiness, it pays to learn a thing or two before your fun streak comes to an abrupt end.
The certified instructors will teach you the essentials, like how to stop, knowing well that you will probably fall while learning how to master the carve turn.
The important thing is that you have the essentials to fall back on in case your comfort zone starts getting pushed passed its healthy limits.

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Arialle Hess  
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