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Trail Blazers

Arialle Hess  

Bear Creek Mountain Resort sits on 330 acres of versatility. It welcomes a variety of guests; all destined for a different experience. What isn’t often brought to light is our competitiveness. The surroundings of the resort span across miles of hiking and biking trails, which are not only used for recreational purposes, but also the occasional show-down! Every year Bear Creek’s two mountain biking races set the stage for the most competitive trail blazers.

The first race will fall on Sunday, June 3rd and awakens the masochists of exercise. Although the most popular form of mountain biking because it can be as strenuous or relaxing as you make it, Cross Country …

Sophisticated Seclusion

Arialle Hess  

Every season our guests arrive at our resort with the expectation of an experience above the rest. But at this time of year, instead of buses unloading the ardent adolescents ready to hit the slopes, we now welcome limousines, gallantly transporting weddings guests to an unforgettable evening. Upon arrival, you will see a whole new world of …

Relaxation Destination

Arialle Hess  

Spring is a time for transformation. Flower buds start to bloom, grass starts to grow, and closets get cleaned out. Bear Creek is a year-round mountain resort that embodies the change of seasons. In April, our winter playground will undergo its own transformation. The envious Bear Creek mountain will turn green at the thought of the …

Spring is in the Air

Arialle Hess  
Everyone knows the familiar feeling when you hear the chirping of the birds early in the morning. You haven’t heard it in months. You know Spring is coming. On days like this, the sun shines a little brighter and the air feels a bit warmer. Mother Nature is tricky though, you never know when she will hit you with a blast of a snow storm. For skiers and riders all over Pennsylvania, this is what we& …

2018 Olympic Winter Games

Arialle Hess  

Every few years, there comes a time when even the summer-seeking heat-freaks become avid winter enthusiasts. During this time, the excitement is contagious, and no one can escape the energizing atmosphere. On February 8th, everyone will have their attention turned to PyeongChang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

It’s hard to imagine the …